How to become a blogger if you don't know how to write

Do you want to become a blogger but the problem is you dont know how to write? If you are then this is the right page for you! I will guide you all the way until you decide already to start a blog.

For beginner bloggers its normal to not know how to begin a blog post and its because its your first time to be a blogger, even me i been there in your footstep and I know the feeling when you try to write and you don't have a clue what and how to write.

In this post i will give you an idea how you can start writing a blog post. Basically it's just easy to write a blog post, you just need to study the basic structure of a blog post so it can easy for you to plan how to start and how to end a blog post.

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How to Become a Blogger If you Don't Know How to Write

First Improve Your English Grammar

I understand that your english might not look good at first specially if english is not your primary language that is why maybe you lack confidence to write the reason why you need to make your grammar better even its not so perfect but at least just make it more understandable because if your grammar is going to be awful you might delivery a different message on your post to your readers. I got a separate blog for this if you are interested to proceed you can read my 5 Killer Ways To Improve Your English Writing Grammar.

Types Of Blog Post

To give you more ideas to write and to boost your confidence in writing, you need to know this types of blog post. When writing a blog post, there are different types of blog post depending on the topic you have chosen, here are those types of blog post you can write. 
  1. How Tos Blog Post
  2. List Post Blog Post
  3. A Review Blog Post
  4. What Is Blogging Post
As a beginner blogger i strongly suggest that you start with these 4 types of blog post because these formats is pretty simple specially for newbie bloggers. 

Blogging Post Format

Knowing how the basic format will you give some idea in advance hows the output of your post will be.

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Try to Be a Blog Post Reader

When I started blogging I really don't have an idea on how to start writing specially if I am planning to write very long post but now I can because everyday I never stop reading more and more blog post that is related to my chosen niche. 

When Picking a Niche

For beginner niche is a a field of topic you pick for example if your blog is about sports then sports is your niche,  health and etc those are example of niche. 

This is the first step before you can start a blog and you need to be sure to your self what niche will your blog be. Be sure when picking a niche it will be the topic you love to learn and to talk about because only your chosen niche will help you be more passionate to consistently write more blog posts.


To able to learn how to write a blog post, it requires you to study more specially more about your chosen niche and being more observant how other blogger blogs, this will help you broadened your knowledge. By being equip with enough knowledge you can easily write blog post just how easy you talk too much about your favorite topic to your friends. 

Hope you have learn something from my blog. If ever you have doubts or you want to add value to this page, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to give you my response!