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Do you want to start your own business right away because you dreamed to have a business where you can make a living more than what you earn on your 9-5 day job?

No matter how rewarding a full-time job gives, finding the right business and get fully self-employed is even more meaningful than be contented to your job that doesn't pay well on the hardworking and effort you put.

That is why i decided to write and give you some ideas that you can do to start your own business that only requires you a serious hardworking and pays off after 2 to 5 years.

Let me warn you, this kind of business are businesses that never pays for the first months. But when it's done right,  you can make a living x10 more than what you recieved on a 9-5 day jobs and gives you the life where you choose your own working hours. I know its a great career to have but it's not that simple to make it happen(consistency is the key).

Actually I have 5 best proven kind of businesses that are already tested to be working even until now.  Are you already getting curious what kind of business that i am trying to share? Here are those businesses.

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5 Proven Business That Will Change Your Life After 5 Years


YouTube is a free platform where users can upload videos publicly where a lot can see, meaning it's a platform where people can easily share their videos to a lot of people. Did you know that you can make money on YouTube? To give you an in depth explanation, you can go to my How To Make Money On YouTube For Beginners

The good thing about YouTube is that its 100% free to participate, almost anyone knows what youtube is right? 


Blogging starts by simply starting a blog and publishing content. To start a blog you need to spend on hosting and a domain name.  If you don't have money to buy a hosting and a domain, don't worry I got some tutorial where you can start for free. If you are interested to create a blog for free,  you can go to my How To Create a Blog and Make Money

Here's a short video how a blog can make a money. Credits to Income School.

E-book Selling

Is writing is your skill? Do you have some valuable information that you think is going to be useful to your readers? Why not make an e-book and sell it online. The good thing I like in selling e-book is that you can't stop people buying your e-book specially if the content of the e-book can offer a big change to your readers life. If you want to learn different ways to sell an e-book, you can proceed to my How to Sell More E-book Tips To Boost Your Sales

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a social network combine with somehow like google search engine that allows users to visually share, and discover new interest by posting images known as pinning images on their boards. And you can make money on Pinterest marketing. To give you some ideas how Pinterest work and how to do Pinterest marketing. Here's a short video walkthrough how is the Pinterest marketing is done. 

Instagram Marketing

Before you can start with instagram marketing,  you need to build up first a following in your instagram account then you could easily meet major brands and small businesses that will offer you more opportunities by promoting a company, reviewing a product and trying to sell products on your followers. If you have the marketing skills and have a huge following them making money on instagram is very possible. 


This kind of business is not hard has you think, because a lot of people have able to do this kind of businesses repeatedly. And it only depends on your determination if you want to change your life or you're just going to be stuck at your 9-5 day job.  Choose and decide where you want to be if it's going to be an online entrepreneur or a regular employee of your company.

Hope you have learn something from this post, if ever you have doubts or you want to add value to the topic, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to give you my response, thank you again for reading and good luck to you.