Why blogging daily is important

For beginner bloggers is blogging daily really important? We all aim to have a successful business opportunity online and starting a blog is going to be your first step.

There are some expert bloggers who only write once a week but still having a huge number of visitors everyday. I know that's the idea of a passive income dream but it doesn't mean you have to do that too.

As you can see those expert bloggers who only publish one post a week have already existed for many years meaning they already have hundreds of post in their blog and a lot of their post still rank well on search engines so it's going to be okay for them to update their blog once in a week and now I am going to tell you why as a new blogger it's important that you should start blogging daily.

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The Benefit Of Blogging Daily

Your Blog Does Yet Rank Well

For starters, obviously you don't have the higher chance to have visibility through organic traffic(traffic from Google, bing and etc.) and to rank your website well you need visitors from Google and bing(organic traffic)  and to do that you need content(blog post) that people will be searching for in the internet. 

You Need To Leverage Your Reach

Your content is not just about for people to read. If you have a lot of blog post that talks about different topic in the circle of your niche, if you put yourself outside of the box, you can use your blog post as a tool to help you leverage your reach so people can easily find your website or blog. After all ranking a website is all about traffic and time duration stay and having quality content will make people stay to your blog much longer. 

Your Blog Post Has Different Visibility Rotation

If you ask me how google and other search engine works, I think it only rotate million of content around the world from time to time so every website has the chance to rank well depending on their qualitiness.

And the benefit of writing daily is that you are able to produce more content, but not all of your content will be visible to search results in google everytime but what's important is that when google starts again to rotate content from their search results you will have a better chance for search results to show your content to a lot of people depending on how users do their search. 

Google Loves Blogs That Always Has Latest Content

If you seek for better ranking, one of the factor how blog is rank, is if it often do updates. Google bot crawlers who collects data from your blog or website are the one who is responsible for showing your content on search engine's results and bot crawlers loves to crawl a website's who always have new content. If crawler crawls again to your content, your old content will also be included and then old content will stay showing on search result much longer. 

Audience Are Always Hungry For Information

Not only  blogging daily attracts organic traffic, blogging daily also attracts revisiting audiences. Your readers hungers for more knowledge and if they see that your blog has always new content they are going to visit your blog more frequently. 

Blogging Daily Helps You Refine Your Blogging Skills

When you force yourself to blog daily, you are also trying to acquire more knowledge so it can be easy for you to teach or educate people in your blog who are in need. 

Hope you have learn something from this blog, if ever you have doubts or you want to add value to this page, feel free to leave a comment below and I will glad to give you my reply. Thank you again for having time and good luck to you!