rank a website blog fast overnight

Are you always struggling to rank your blog or website so you can show your pages on the first page of Google? If you're answer is yes then you should read this!

When I am wandering around the web, I have seen a lot of people claiming that they are an SEO specialist and offering people to hire them so they can help webmasters to rank their website which is just fine but some of them that gets to my attention who is also claiming as an SEO expert promising people that they will rank a website in just a short time which I totally disagree that it will happen, this is wrong and this is a lie,  it's only their marketing strategy for people like you who is looking forward to get to first page of google search results is going to buy their services or products.

In a real SEO service consultant,  what they do is that they only want you to make sure that the content is SEO ready before you are going to submit your content for index.

If you believe that it's possible to rank overnight,  don't be because even a month or 2 it will not happen maybe sometimes to some but in 1 to 2 days it will just disappear quickly, there is no permanent visibility in search engine,  why?  Ranking a blog quicker or overnight is only possible if you are able to pick a keyword that has never been taken but it's totally impossible today because they are hundreds of millions of websites and blogs today.

I am not saying its impossible for you to rank and be successful webmaster,  it can still be possible but it requires more than 6 months to make it happen. If you ask me what I think with search engine is that its algorithm only rotates content from different webmaster's website and if google see that a lot of people are staying longer on your pages then you are labeled as valuable content. We all have the chance to be visible to first page of search engine, just be sure to make your content high quality and you will make your blog to rank well for sure.

Hope you have learn something from my blog,  if ever you have doubts about this page or you want to add value, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be glad to give you my response. Thank you again for reading and good luck to you!