Rank #1 on google

Are you also one of the bloggers and web masters who also wants to rank #1 on google search? What if i tell you don't be will you believe me? 

If you are able to arrived here in my blog through search or through link referral or direct visit, it's already a proof that you have attracted here strategically and logically by me which I will be explaining next to you. 

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Why You Should Stop Trying To Rank #1 on Google

Rank Traffic is Not Accurate

If your post will be in the first page of google and it's place is in the #1 spot in search result it doesn't mean your post really is rank #1 in google because of localize search meaning every person, every country and every place has different search results depending on how users type on their search query. 

Google is trying to give a  much better experience to their user that is why even you are  not ranking pretty well in your browser but in other people you might be on the top. 

Number 1 Doesn't Guarantee The Most Click

Ranking #1 doesn't necessarily mean it will get the most traffic. According to statistic and also base on my experience 60% of traffic will most of the time go to whoever rank in #1 spot and 40% will go to the rest, meaning it's not about who is going to the #1 spot but who gets the most traffic. 

So meaning if you can deliver the right topic to the right person who is searching then automatically you will be chosen who will get the traffic. 

You Don't Need To Be #1 To Get Most of The Clicks

To get the most of the traffic,  you don't need to be rank #1, you just need the right headline and the right snippet which is your meta description. Most if the time user usually make a quick check to your headline and meta description to see if it is the one they are looking for,  if you can make the headline and meta description appealing to searchers, you can get the most traffic than other who are close to your spot in google search. 

Ranking a Post Without Intent Is Useless

There are millions of topics created everyday but only 2% are most browsed on the web because those 98% lacks intent or purpose to read meaning if you are writing blog post you must focus on beginners because they won't search deep topics which they do not understand yet but they first search for the basic and easy to understand blog posts. If you can solve this kind of issue you can instantly grow your traffic from time to time. 

Focus on What Your Audience Need

If you wanted to boost your traffic and get most of the traffic, you need to be build relationship to your target audience by starting to ask yourself what could your audience want to know and not what you want to write or else you will end up being the only audience of your own blog. 

Google Algorithm Changes Everytime

I been a blogger and an observer for a long time ago that is why i can tell google algorithm change every time. I got several blog posts that rank well and after a day, two, or three they are not there anymore and after a month they are back again on the spot,  you can see now how algorithm works? Thanks for reading! 

Hope you have learn something from my post. If you have any doubt or you want to add value on this page, you can leave a comment below and I will be happy to give you my response. Thanks again for having time reading on my page and good luck to you.