Is it possible to rank a blogger platform blog?

Are you a big fan of a blogger or blogspot platform? And Are you also asking if it is really possible to rank a blogger blog? If your answer is yes then congratulations! You are in the right page!

Blogger is really an awesome platform because it's free and you can create a blog without needing to buy a hosting and it only requires you to only buy a domain for boosting your brand.

And because there are already a lot of bloggers who started their blogs in blogger,  some people are starting to doubt and asking themselves if there's really a chance for them to become successful with blogger than using a WordPress  platform and that is what I am going to discuss on this page.

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I know maybe because you saw most of the blogs that you saw on every top search results are mostly not a blogger platform and I understand your concern because I been there.  But I have also seen some blogs that are a blogger platform that rank very well because I love to search on google for content so trust me when I say that a blogger platform can also  rank on google search.

To the best of my knowledge and i witness it too! That google search uses it's various of techniques in order to rank on their search results which later I will tell you what you need to consider so your blogger blog can outshine others.

There is also no reason for google to deprioritize the blogger blogs because for your information blogger is a product of Google and google is using blogger platform to maximize their earnings by maximizing their ads service visibility using their blogger platform so why will they harm their business,  did you get my point?

Some Reasons Why Most Tops Search Results Are Not a Blogger Platform. 

Most Blogger Users Are Spammers

Have you seen the blogs that shows on top of google search results?  All of them offer high quality content and explained very well detail by detail about their topic. If you can create great content like on other high quality blogs on your blogger,  then your blog will have the chance to shine on search engine.

Those Top Blogs Were A Blogger User Before

One of the factor on ranking in google is domain name age and quality content. Webmasters have their own reason why bloggers migrate their blog to another platform and when they migrate, their ranking still stays the same. 

Only Few Blogger Users Are Passionate to Blogging

And because other blogger users migrate to another platform and most of those who migrate are serious blogger and other blogger users are spammers or has a low quality content, that's the reason why most blogger on tops of search results are not using a blogger platform. I never said that there are no blogger platform on top of search result but there are on a specific keyword. 

Most of the reason why a lot of blogger migrate to WordPress is because of low knowledge to web designing because in blogger you need to do deep coding to make changes while in WordPress it's easy to make landing page for business but if your goal is only to blogging then blogger fits to your career. 

Google Algorithm is Always Changing

Every monthly google algorithm change multiple times that we are not aware of meaning those blogs you see on top of search result doesn't permanently stays on top and some blogger blog that rank on top changes to bottom position and all platform experience this change of result results placing position. Here's an additional info if you are interested to read my Why You Should Stop Trying to Rank #1 on Google.  

How to Rank Very Well with Your Blogger Platform Blog

Must be Long Content

For Google can help you deliver your content to the right people you need to provide them more data about your blog posts and to do that you need to create long content,  the longer the content the more data they can collect to use it and match it to their users when people try to search on a specific office search query and match it to the data that they collected to your blog posts. As possible never make content lower than 500 words. 

Aim High Quality Content

When I say high quality content your blog posts must be helpful. No one is going to read the scary story behind your closet.  When people search it's not because of you and it's because of them, they are looking for helpful topic to help them out. So when creating content you should think for the sake of your audience. 

Place Your Keywords Properly

When using your keyword right,  your focus keyword must be present in the first paragraph of your content, link url, Alt image, in between content and in your headers for better result. 

Hope you have learn something from this page,  if you have doubts on this topic or your want to add value on this page, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be glad to give you my response.