How to improve English writing grammar

English is our universal language because it helps us to easily communicate with other countries and that's the reason why its very important to know how to use our english language correcrly. If you are here in my page to know how to improve your english specially in writing paragraphs then you are in the right page!

I decided to write a guide on how to improve your english grammar it's because many people struggle with writing english paragraphs and it seem like a real challenge to improve. In this page I will give you some awesome advice that can help you improve your written english so you can impress people with your writing skills.

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5 Killer Ways How To Improve Your English Writing Grammar

Read Regularly

For beginners one of the reason why its hard for people to compose an English paragraph is because of the lack of exposure to english and familiarization of words and to able to become a better english writer reading regularly helps a lot because by reading you are able to observe how conversation starts, how conversation is driven and how grammar is place and what words are often use and what words are new to you. 

Master Your Spelling

To able to write the correct english grammar, you must know how to spell those words correctly. Why? It's because incorrect spelling may change the meaning of your sentence for example 'wear' and 'were'or 'bare' and 'bear' and also other words that has the same meaning because if you misuse words, it will turn your paragraph's message to a different meaning. 

Watch YouTube Basic English Grammar Tutorial

When I started learning english grammaring , actually I know how to speak English but I never use English more often because I am not from a western countries so I lack practice and I have no one who I can practice with my english, what I did is that I went to YouTube to learn how to drive english conversation and the very important in English is the basic grammar so you should take note of this. 

You can browse YouTube to learn english grammaring because there are so many teachers there doing video blogging teaching people how to speak english with different of example words where you can explore more words alternative to using a dictionary. 

Explore New Words Everyday

The reason when you try to speak english to someone and you end up doing chop chop sentences is because you are not familiar with other english words. To discover new words everyday, you need to force yourself to familiarize five new words per day on the dictionaries. As possible force yourself to explore your personal dictionary because it will serve as your foundation to help you formulate paragraphs fast and easy. 

Gather Your Confidence

To become a better english writter it only requires you more familiarization of words, a consistent practice, consistent reading and a little bit confidence to make mistakes is all you need to improve your english grammar and also don't forget to follow my advices that I mentioned above. Do this in one month and you will notice a big change to your english grammar writing. 

Hope you learn something from my page, if ever you have doubts or you want to add value to my page, feel free to comment below and I will be glad to give you my reply. Thank you for reading and good luck to you.