Free https for Blogger

When you create a free blog on blogger definitely your blog starts in using a subdomain which is automatically has HTTPS enable but after you bought a custom domain and linked it to your blogger blog as default your domain will only be having HTTP. It's because the domain registrar also sells SSL Certificate that turns your domain name automatically to HTTPS upon purchasing SSL Certificate which is a little bit expensive to some countries. Thankfully blogger  has their own HTTPS Free availability for blogger user.

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Why You Should Turn Your Blogger Blog To HTTPS 

Google aims for the sake of their users to consider security as their primary priority so user can have more secure activities in the web from rising cyber crime activities happening around the web. 

The Advantages of HTTPS

As I wrote before about What are The Benefits Of Having HTTPS. Here are some summary that you will benefit from having HTTPS on your blogger blog:

1.None HTTPS is block in the Google Chrome browser, enable HTTPS and your blog will be viewable in the Chrome Browser. 

2.Users will trust your blog even more. 

3.Google Ranking will Improve in Few Days. 

How To Enable HTTPS in Blogger For FREE

Step 1:Sign In to Blogger. 

Step 2:Select the blog you want to enable HTTPS.

Step 3:Select Settings>>Basic and Find HTTPS Settings

Step 4:Click on the drop-down menu shown on the HTTPS Availability and select "YES".

Step 5:Turn redirect HTTP to HTTPS to "YES".

Turn blogger blog to HTTPS for Free

Once you enable HTTPS on your blogger blog, you need to wait for several minutes for the changes to take effect.

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