how to beat the competition in blogging

As a blogger do you really want to beat the competition? Everyday a lot of new blogs and websites are appearing on the web and it only shows how tight your competition will be in the future and you need to find a way how to be more famous and beat your competitor to get the most organic traffic(traffic source: google and bing).  But the question is how will you do it?

There are many blogs that can teach you how to beat your competitor but how are you sure it's going to work specially if you are just starting out?

And that's the reason why I chose to write what I been doing to get more organic traffic on my blog.

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A lot of newbie bloggers wants a fast result traffic from search engines which is not realistic because that is not how search engine work because if it does then imagine if everyone can do it, then no one can get massive traffic to their blogs and website am i right?

What I understand how google work is that it only distribute all content from different websters randomly depending on the country and how people search, meaning we all have the chance to be seen organically soon after 6 months but as new bloggers and web owners we will not always be seen on top of search because we still need to rank our website's pages and to rank our website we need to do the right practices which I will discuss to you today in this page.

How To Outshine and Beat the Competition in Blogging

Check If SEO is Ready Before Publishing the Content

Before hitting the publish button you should check carefully your link, first paragraph, your headers and in between content must have your focus keyword if you want Google or other search engine to show your content to your target audience so never take it lightly when before publishing your post always practice well placing of keywords around your content. 

Content Must Not Be Less Than 500 Words

If you want to boost your organic traffic it's best if you can make a blog post that consist of enough words, so google can collect much better data that can be use when people are trying to search your content on Google search. The more words the better result so I suggest never publish a post less than 500 words. 

Content Must Be High Quality

A lot of blogger always say that content is king so it must be high quality,  so when I say high quality your content must have the potential of huge search volume so that you can make sure that people will search for that kind of content. 

Consistent Writing

If you want to get the most of the traffic on search engines you need to keep on writing. If you cant write daily then do it once a week.

If you ask me how I think about blogging,  blogging is just like a marathon,  it's not all about who makes money first or who makes the most traffic first,  it's all about who keeps receiving organic traffic until the end. There are lots of blogger who quit blogging and most of them wants to make a quick cash but that's not how blogging works because if your only aim is to make money maybe next couple of months you won't make money anymore because it depends on your reader's engagement to your ads and every year google algorithm change and if you are not consistent in writing more content, other blog's content will outshine you, google algorithm is complicated no one can predict what will happen but one thing is for sure, if your content is always up to date your content will always win. And the more  you keep writing the more you are able make content that has less competition  in ranking for a specific keywords.

The Real Competition is Fighting Your Doubts

When you think there are other blogs that are better than you,  maybe it's true because it's your mind telling you,  google only focus in distributing relevant content depending on the user's search queries. If you can just create relevant content that most people will get interested to then after 6 months I can assure you that you will get the traffic you want. 

To continue attracting massive organic traffic(from google and bing and other search engines) you should consistently follow the tips that i mentioned on this page for better result. 

Base on my experience when you are able to go beyond 6 months old of your blog, search engine is starting to show your content on first page of google more often and after several days it will disappear and vice versa but soon if you are able to rank your blog pages by making your readers stay longer on your pages, your blog post has a chance to stay longer on search results. 

Hope you have learn something from this page. if you have any doubts about this topic or you want to add value to this page, feel free to leave a comment below and i am so excited to know what is in your mind. Thank you again for having time reading on my page and good luck to you.