How to get more traffic if you don't have time

Promoting a blog is the second way to get more traffic to your website or blog aside from search engines but what if there will be time that you won't have time to promote your content? What will you do?

I know there are some bloggers who still have their own job or business and in some part of their life they need more time to rest to recover from stress on work and to maintain their healthy lifestyle, and I been there on their footstep,  blogging is a very exhausting career specially to beginner bloggers, you still don't have the idea what bloggers do everyday not like you, you are still doing it part-time and other blogger they are already doing it full time and I understand your situation that you need to make your work, lifestyle and blogging balance so what are you going to do?

In today's post i will be giving  you tips that you can do if incase you already have a clue that you will be busy in the coming days.

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How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog If You Don't Have Time To Promote Your Content? 

Paid Advertisement

I choose this to be my first tip to get traffic because if you don't have time to promote your content then paid advertisement is your best choice because for just a little cost you can instantly get more traffic and you don't need to worry about anything, the advertising company will do it for you just make sure you can pay for advertisement. If you are interested to paid advertisement you can visit my 6 Killer Paid Tactics To Promote Your Website. 

Blog Commenting

Do you love reading on your free time? Why not go to different blogs and website that has the content that triggers your interest and leave some useful and valuable comments that will also trigger the author of the blog and it's blogs readers to be interested about you. 

Blog commenting is not just leaving message to the author of the blog, you are also helping your blog to get more exposure because as long your comment exist on different blogs, you are also getting some of the other blog's traffic juice. 

Join Q/A Communities

Have you heard about Q/A communities or Question and Answer website's? They are websites where there's a bunch of people who ask different kinds of questions and as a blogger you can join there and participate by providing answers to them and sharing your blog posts links, like you are telling them that your post will explain everything when they proceed to your blog.

The good thing about Q/A or Question and Answer website's is that as long the question exist, your answer that provides your blog post links will also remain and if another readers came by to your answer on that website there will also be a possibility that the people who also needs your answer will also visit the link you provided. 

Following Q/A Websites:

Answer Questions On Social Medias

Like Q/A websites social media specially on facebook has also tons of facebook group where a lot of people are also asking different question depending on a group that you have joined. 

The good thing about social media is that you can do it quickly in your smart phone and you don't have to do it in your personal computer. 

That's it!  Hope you have learn something on this page, if ever you have doubts about this topic or you want to add value on this page, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to send you my response.