How to get organic traffic and pageviews

Learning new things about blogging is very interesting and knowing how to get more traffic and pageviews is very exciting part of blogging because without traffic then your blog is just an ordinary website without readers.

To get a lot of traffic to your blog it requires you as a blogger to do a lot of work but in the end time and patience is your biggest role in this career.

However, there's a lot of things that you can do to help yourself along in blogging world and knowing how to increase your traffic and pageviews is one of them and here are the things you need to learn.

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To Do List to Get More Pageviews and Visitors

Blog Regularly

Since our goal is to get organic traffic and pageviews meaning we are only depending visitors from search engines like Google and Bing and blogs that have more regular updates and new blog posts always get audience quickly. 

Because google rank blogs that has more fresh content and also even there are some websites who uses different kind of SEO strategies to get more traffic to their blog and website, no one can still beat a blog that looks active in the eye of search engines. 

Use Keyword on Your Blog

Keywords are terms that your target audience might use when searching for your blog. To figured out what keyword to include on your blog, think about what you would search for if you were trying to search for an information. For example if you want to attract people who are looking about toys for for children, it would be a brilliant idea if you use keywords "toys for kids" in your blog post just don't over use your keywords or else search engines will consider your post as a spam. 

Submit Your Post To Google Right Away

When publishing a post search engines won't index your post quickly or might not get index if search engines have not able to crawl your blog. To quickly rank your pages so your blog post can be found when people tries to search on google, submitting your post right away on Google Search Console is a great move. 

Join Blogger Communities

Blogger communities are the place where all bloggers hang around, you can get ideas more about blogging and you can also share your post with other bloggers who are also wants to learn from you, remember bloggers can also be your blog followers who might like to check on your blog for your latest blog post. You can find blogger communities on Facebook and on Forums that are scattered around the web. 

Read and Comment on Other Blogs

From time to time have some time to discover new blog and connect with them by scouting blogs related to your niche and read post and leave a comment on their blog. By doing this you are also promoting yourself and your blog. By engaging with them you are also telling people that you exist and you are also telling bloggers and their audience that you are also offering valuable information in your blog. 

Share Your Post on Social Media

Even you get some valuable and helpful content on your blog,  if no one knows about it then your blog will be no different with other blog that is just hidden in the mist. 

Make a move and promote your post then you are able to expand your reach with other people. 

Tell Your Friends You Got Something On Your Blog

Encourage your friends and family to read your blog, send them reminders or email them or tell them in person that you have some post that can be helpful to them and soon some of your friends who knew the value of your blog will share your blog to someone they know that will also need your content that can also be your blog followers

Relax!  It Takes Time

Even if you done what I mentioned above, you won't develop a huge effect in your blog traffic, because building a sizable audience and gain loyal readers takes time. Many of the successful bloggers you admire have been online for years. Just be consistent and always be motivated to make a good outcome to your career as a blogger.