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Every website owners and bloggers wants to have a daily massive traffic on their content and if you still can't get massive traffic then its time to make a move to promote your content. 

In some of my blog post i always teach people how to get organic traffic but to rank a blog post organically it takes time before people will find your content on the internet. You cannot force google to put your content on top of search results specially if your website is still new that is why promoting is essential to your website's success.

To rank a website or blog you need to have enough traffic not only in search results but also in other links and this post will tell you everything.

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5 Killer Content Promotion Tactics To Get More Traffic

Answer Quora Questions

Have you ever tried quora? Quora is a forum site where a lot of people are trying to ask different questions even crazy questions are included there, and by trying to answer people's questions on quora and link out your problem solver blog post will increase your web traffic whenever people tries to read the link you have given.

The good thing about quora is that your answer stays forever as long that question existed on quora, meaning you will have a long term traffic referral by just answering quora questions. 

Answer Questions on Social Networking Sites

There are lots of newbies on social networking site's specially in facebook groups that always ask question about everything, even stupid questions are there,  you can participate there by becoming a guru and trying to help them by linking out your links on your website to solve your questionaire's problem. 

Find Bloggers To Exchange Shares

If you have a facebook page with already more than a hundreds of followers, find someone who has also facebook page then try to exchange shares with each other so you two can leverage  your reach by sharing the other blogger post to your friends and vice versa.

Use Facebook Live

A lot of internet marketer are using facebook live to attract idle facebook members that are in the circle or followers of your page,  people love watching videos specially if it's live,  you can promote your website or blog because facebook live drives their focus because they will receive a notification when someone tries to click the facebook live button. 

Look For Influencer To Promote Your Post

This method is really effective and really drives more traffic. What you do here is find a social media influencer who has a massive followers over a hundreds of thousand of followers, they are consider to be an influencer, Most of the time when dealing with them to promote your content it need a little cash to let them promote your content to a hundreds of people and sometime you can let them do it for free if you're friends or got some good relationship with them but yeah social media influencer can help you a lot to drive more traffic. 

Hope this post gave you an idea to grow your traffic by promoting your content, if ever you have doubts or want to add value on this post. Feel free to leave a comment below and I will glad to give you a response.