Benefits of having HTTPS

If your website has no HTTPS and you're curious what benefit will you get to convince yourself to get HTTPS on your website then you are in the right page, we will discuss this one by one with you.

The difference between HTTPS and HTTP may seem like one letter, but they have huge impact on your website's performance.

So What is HTTPS? 

HTTPS is a way that encrypts information that a user sends data between the broswer and web server, this allows user to have a security where their information are not visible to the web owner. In layman's terms if a website has HTTPS then your user are safe from identity theft. 

What is SSL certificate? 

SSL certificate and HTTPS are just the same. An SSL Certificate is a product that is bought to install HTTPS on your website so you can begin seeing HTTPS before your domain name.

What Are The Benefit of Having HTTPS on Your Website? 

It Helps Your Website Rank Better

Overall only 30% of websites that shows on the first page of Google search results are websites with HTTPS which means google use this factor to ensure the best experience who are using their service. 

It Makes Your Website Look Safe and Comfortable

There's a reason why google love to rank website which has HTTPS because google wants to make sure that users have positive feedback about their search result service. 

Google adds a criteria to the ranking algorithm when it has proven to provide better experience even you as a user you also love websites that doesn't make you feel at harm that is why having a HTTPS enable in your website helps your website gain trust from your visitors. 

Your Website Can be Viewable in Any Browser

If your visitors are a Google Chrome user and your website has only HTTP , In the chrome broswer you are consider or labeled to be an unsafe website meaning your website will have a decrease or will not have a maximum monthly traffic if you will not enable HTTPS on your website. 

Increase Conversion

While users may not still know what a secure connection really mean,  but they are well educated that trusted websites always have HTTPS before a website address.

It's not a bad to have a website with only HTTP but if you want to beat the competition you also need to have it in your website. 

It Increase Your Customer Confidence 

With all of the cyber crime happen before where people got hack by doing transaction on the web, people are now wise enough to be choosy on a website that they want to transact with and people now know that the websites that can be trusted enough are websites with HTTPS.

Hope you learn something from this page, if you have some doubts on this page, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to respond to you as soon as possible. Thanks for having time reading and good luck to you!