bounce rate

As an internet marketer bounce rate is very important specially if you want to rank your website or blog, and if you are looking for the definition of bounce rate not related to web pages then this is not for you. But what is bounce rate?

What is Bounce Rate?

If you enjoy more on watching videos than reading, here's a short video explaining more about bounce rate and if you love more reading than watching this video,  you can skip this video. Enjoy watching! 

A bounce rate is an internet marketing term used in analysing traffic coming to your blog or website. It represents the percentage of visitors who enters the site and then leave("bounce") rather than continuing to view other pages within the website. 

Bounce rate is calculated by counting the number of single page visits and deviding that by the total visit.  It is then represented as a percentage of total visits. 

What is a Good Bounce Rate? 

According to Google Analytics,  a good bounce rate depends on what your goal should be,  but if you aim to rank your blog's pages then it would not be good if your bounce rate is higher than 40%.

If you are wondering where to know your bounce rate,  you can use Google Analytics and embed a code on your website so they can start analysing your pages. 

How to Lower Your Bounce Rate

1.Aim on Creating Quality Content. 

2.When writing Quality Content, Make it Easy to Read and Understandable. 

3.Ensure Your Site is Fast and Mobile Friendly. 

4.Incorporate Good Featured Images. 

5.Refer Your Old Blog Post or Pages on Your New Blog Post or Pages. 

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