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So you want your blog to be successful like every aspiring bloggers dreamed of. You might already have a lot of post but to tell you the truth it isn't enough specially if your blog is still starting out, because base on my experience bloggers who are consistent up to 2 years(even its still not enough)  has achieved tremendous result, so what do successful bloggers do when they were still newbie like you? Want to learn more about it? In this page I will discuss it more about what most blogger do so you will get more ideas how to manage your blog. Are you ready? Let's begin!

What Bloggers Do Everyday For Dummies:

Pick Only One Niche

If you are just starting out blogging then you really need to be aware of this first tip. Like every guided blogger must do and it is only picking 1 niche. Why?  It's because a blog that covers every topic is very exhausting and you cannot be a master of all and because you blog is still new, you should never confuse your readers what your blog is all about or else they will look for other blogs to follow which will not confuse them. 

Master Your Niche

You just started blogging and we know you still don't know everything about your niche because you are still a newbie and you need someone to be your master teaching you every related topic in your niche and  to solve this problem you need to be a blog reader. There are lots of blogs out there that are older than your blog that has related topics to your niche, and you can use their blog to learn more from them. Every successful blogger starts learning to write by having time reading more blog post,  gathering more knowledge and that is how they end up becoming a good blogger and writer. If you want to be a successful blogger then you need to follow this second tip. 

Spy on Your Competitor

Everyday when I have vacant time or sometimes if I ran out of ideas for my next blog post,  I explore other blogs latest topics. This 3rd tip never let's me down,  because every time I do this in the end of the day,  I made my list on my next blog topics. 

List Your Upcoming Blog Post

If you want to be a successful blogger, you need to write a blog post everyday, but how can you write if you don't know what to write,  this is where list your upcoming blog post comes in. By listing you your blog post titles,  you are increasing your focus and planning more effectively. With a list you are going to know what is your next blog post and you can research more about it before the day you are going to write your next blog post. 

Schedule Your Actions

When managing a blog you are not required to write multiple blog post in a day(but if you like to then there's no problem) ,  we blog because we want passive income and not to become slaves of our own blog. Better schedule yourself everyday for few hours just to avoid burnout and avoid a stressful day, the more you have positive action the more you make positive outcome. 

Take a Day Off

Most of us do blogging dreaming on a passive earning, but blogging 7 times a week is not a passive because again,  we are turning ourselves into a slave of our own blog. Even you can write blog post 7 times a week which is very exhausting and stressful,  it takes time before your latest post will get rank and show on search results so it is pointless to write everyday if you cant have your own life and have quality time with yourself and with your love ones. If possible for you,  you can take 2 day offs every week so you can stay away from pressure and charge up your body to do more great things in life.

That's it! Hope you learn something from this page. If you have questions, adding value to the topic or concern, you can leave a comment below or send me an email. Again thank you for having t8me reading on my post and good luck to you!