Types of blog niche

Got a blog or plan to start a blog but you are still not sure what will your niche blog will be? Are you interested to know which niche blog are profitable and really makes money?

When we say profitable blog niche I mean topics that most people are looking on the internet,  if you already have an idea what niche you want to stick with then go for it because what's important is that if you love what you write or talked about it always ends in a good outcome, because you are able to be consistent on what you do and you love what you write.

One thing before I give you my list of profitable blog niche,  let me remind you that if you really want to become a successful blogger and have a successful blog,  you need to focus only in one niche when you're still starting out. Why? It's because confusing your readers what your blog is all about will make your potential readers flee and will look for a website that will not mislead them.

My point is focus only in one niche because it will make your blog more user friendly which make people love to go back to your blog and check your latest post because they know you are likely to write topics that still be related to your previous post.

Types of Profitable Niche Blog That Makes Money


Health and wellness are very on-demand topics to learn about,  people want to get rid of their worries on health problems, they need guidance to protect themselves or avoid unwanted illnesses and prevent illnesses before it get worse. 

A lot of people want to do self medication since going to doctors is more expensive, and your task is giving effective tips about health so your blog can help a lot. 

How To Make Money

Who's not interested to make money?  Of course everyone wants to make a side income. So starting this niche blog is  also a great idea.

If you can make blog posts that are really working then many will follow your blog cause there's a lot of people who are desperately in need of side income. 


It's already a given pack that as a human being we love to eat and learning how to cook different types of cuisine or discover new types of food is I think a very interesting topic to learn about. 


Everyday a lot of students around the world are going to the internet to get help to do their assignments, research and project ideas. This niche has big potential, can you now imagine what a big market you are into? Education niche is a very profitable specially if you are depending on google Adsense. 

Personal Development 

Personal development niche are topics that talks about how to surpass problems, a walkthrough of life and a motivation to solve insecurities and problems, as a blogger your task is to give advice and enlightenment your readers to conquer their body and mind.


We are in the era where gadgets are the trends and millennials are your market, your task is to update people what's new in the market,  share what new devices, games and etc. 


People wants to know their rights and blogging about law for people who needs help and guidance of their rights to avoid abuses and harassment is an interesting topic to read. 

This are my lists of profitable niche blog, hope you got some ideas from this page. If you have concern or problem about this page, feel free to comment below or send me an email. R
Thank you for having time reading on my page and good luck to you!