mobile legends

Mobile Legends is a really fun MOBA game of all time but most of the time we cannot avoid teaming up with a lot of cancer players that is why i decided to give you my tips to improve your gameplay experience. 

First of all let me introduce myself, my name is Paul, I am a side blogger and a Mobile Legends player, my IGN is Cyfrus and I am focusing and specialize in using support heroes. 

For all of you who don't know I have able to reach Legend rank in less than 4 weeks of playing and I believe my strategy is very effective and working in dealing with cancer teamplay and I am sure that you could use this knowledge too. Let's not further delay,  heres my following tips that you can apply.

How To Win in Mobile Legends Rank Game

Choose Your Specialty

You cannot be a master of all. Most players wants to use every new heroes but it will just ruin your gameplay strategy because you will get used to a hero that can't be applied on other heroes. Remember that just knowing how to use heroes and mastering them have two different outcome.

Choose Only One Emblem

Emblems are not just ordinary emblems, it guides us to choose our different paths. Most mistakes people do is they upgrade all of the emblems preventing them to use their maximum stats that an emblem can give. That is why i strongly suggest to focus only on one emblem so you can quickly increase your emblem stats. 

Chose Only Your Best 5 Heroes

If you really want to always win in rank game, you need to choose your heroes wisely where you can adjust anytime when you encounter cancer members on every team match and make sure those 5 heroes are already mastered and fits to your strategy. Because as your rank elevate your enemies are becoming better and better and choosing heroes that you are not master is just choosing a knife when fighting a sword is not a good idea. 

When Choosing Your Best Heroes

If you ask my advice what heroes to choose,  reserve a hero that can take damages(durability heroes) or a tank and support heroes, because most of your teammates want is a killer type of heroes. Most of the time they do not want to be tank keeping you from not winning all the time,  so you need to be more understanding and decide whether you are going to help them win or you're the one who need help(which has lower chance of winning) and that is how things work in the game, after all its a team play, even you are a pro player if you can't help your team to be strong it will only feel like you are playing 1 Vs 5 match.

The Key to Winning

The key to winning is the mindset of thinking its not all about you, it's all about the team, even there's a cancer teammates you cannot win alone, you need to find ways how you can help your teammates grow or find a way to become bait to delay things so you can give your teammates time to gather their items so they can help you win the game. 


In every gameplay there is no assurance or prevention in losing on a match but you have the choice to increase the chance of winning by putting your self behind and helping your teammates grow is the key to winning and focus only in using one emblem for better result. 

Hope you have learn something from this post. If you have problems or concern about this page,  you can leave a comment below or send me an email. Thanks for having time reading and good luck to you!