Record gameplay

One of my readers requested me to make to answer how to record a gameplay on their android and since I am a fan of mobile games I also love to record my gameplay on my Android device. So back to the topic. If you are one of the person who also wants to learn how to record your gameplay on your android device then you are in the right page. Let's not further delay. Let's begin!

Now that mobile advantages are scalating than PC let's look forward to the future of mobile and it is mobile recording and some people are already having the benefit of recording their gameplay on YouTube and they find way how to monetize it and others are just doing it for fun because recording is really fun to do. Anyway back to the topic. If you are asking how to record your gameplay on Android. You just need an app to do it for you. But what app is it? It's called DU Recorder.

What is DU Recorder? 

DU Screen Recorder

DU recorder is a proven app it's because I am also one of its user. DU recorder is a very popular android app that function as screen recorder, screen shot, and online streaming.  It's an all in one app for sharing your screen activity to everyone.

The app is actually free but they automatically require you to insert their own watermark below in every video that you create but if you don't want a watermark in all of your videos, you can purchase paid app so you can be free from advertising and watermark. Here's a demo on how to use DU Recorder. 

If you are looking forward to get this app. You can get it on google play store. If this was helpful to you, please share this to everyone. If you have problem or concern about this page, you can comment below or email me on my email address. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!