How to rank a blog

Do you have a blog but you're still not getting too many traffic views and engagements? Maybe it's because your blog isn't yet ranked well.

Every webmasters and blogger all wants the same thing including me and it's all about how to rank a website or blog to get more traffic.

Over my journey to blogging,  I faced a lot of failures and discouragements and way back then I also seek help from the experts and that is what I'm doing now for newbies.

There's a lot of other blogs and websites that will teach you to do this and to do that on how to rank a blog or website but only few things really matter and this is it.

How to Rank a Website or Blog For Dummies:

Create Quality Content

A quality content are blogs posts that people are always searching on the internet like starting in How Tos, What Is, informative and academic topics.  Focus on topics that solves certain problems, those kind of blog post doesn't let you down. 

Write Blog Post Consistently

Base on my observation while browsing of tons of websites around the web,  I have seen 10-20 blog post that rank well due to their quality content but you shouldn't be contented with that small number if you wish to increase your earning with blogging and also consistent posting is essential because google loves to show results that are relevant,latest and up to date search results.

Check Word Count

There is no precise word count required to rank a blog post, even just with less than 100 words can rank on google but most of the time blog post showed up to google top 10 search results are longer content, so if you want better result to rank a blog I suggest always create a blog post not less than 300 words for better result. 

Keywords Must be Well Placed

For example you choose a title called "How to Play a Soccer for Newbies" your keyword will definitely  be "How-Play-Soccer-Newbie", so Your URL, First Paragraph,  Your Image Alt-Text, Headline,  H1 H2 H3 Title Inside Your Post must have those sample keywords,  this is how you properly place keywords across your posts. 

Refer Your Other Pages

Have you tried visiting Wikipedia? Almost all their post are well hyperlink and its a good practice not just a supporting information for the main post but it also revives old post. A page or blog post that has a lot of pageviews is also a good way to rank a blog. 

Promote Your Pages

There's a lot of quality content out there that doesn't get more pageviews because it's been hidden along with other of millions of blog post which are your competitor's blog post that similar to yours,  so to stand out the crowd you need to find a way  how to be discovered that is why promoting your blog helps a lot to find followers and readers. 

Ways To Promote Your Blog Post:

1.Consistent promoting your blog post to Facebook, Twitter,  or Instagram. 

2.Consistent Link Building.

3.Consistent of well practice referring  your older post by new blog post. 

Domain Age Matter

Older blog that already exists for years has proven to be well rank because google prioritize well known website's that lives for ages so if your blog or website is new,  do not stop updating your blog from time to time, there will be a time that your time will come and you will also benefit from hard work. 

Hope you have learn something from this post. If you have a problem with this page or concern,  you can leave a comment below send me an email. Thank your for having time reading my post and good luck to you.