You made a blog,you already have a lot of blog post and the next thing that you are going to do is how to build backlinks to your blog.

Backlinks are the backbone of your blog, without it you won't be notice to it's maximum potential and no leverage of promotion for your blog. Building backlinks are popular way to rank a blog because backlinks are considered by search engines as votes, meaning if your blog has many website's pointing to it, you are considered valuable and you will likely rank on search engines but how are you going to build backlinks?

If you are here to learn  more about how to build backlinks then you are in the right place, without further delay, let's begin!

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9 Ways How to Build Backlinks the Easy Ways

Comment on Blogs

It is essential for bloggers to read blogs and leave a comment to other blogs, blog commenting is just like introducing yourself to the author of the blog and to it's readers.

There are many bloggers who are looking for other blogs to build connection and if you want to increase your blog exposure then blog commenting is a great way to make backlinks.

Submit Guest Post

Guest post is a way where you offer to write an article or blog post in exchange, the author of the blog allows you to leave your site links below the post you have written, this way you are able to show your expertise and they can also check your blog to learn more about your blog. 

Participate on Forums

Forums are websites where a lot of people hang around to ask questions and as a blogger you can use forums to drive traffic to your blog.  Most bloggers do is answer the question in thread and then to learn more they will need the questioner to visit their blog post. Your answer can stay forever as long the question exist but most of the time the question stays forever. 

Join Blogger Facebook Groups

There are lots of blogger groups scattered around facebook and you could use these groups to find blogs, a lot of bloggers are sharing links there and it's easy for you to do blogging commenting even more. 

Practice Internal Linking

Internal linking is also counted as backlinks. Internal linking is a way where you refer or endorse your other pages that can be related to your main page or latest blog post giving your pages in gaining more views and exposure.

Find Comment Exchange Groups

I am still referring this on Facebook,  exchange comment groups are people who wants to have many comments on their blog pages. They create group like this so they can find people and make sure people are reading their post because you cannot leave a relevant comment if you don't know the details of the post. 

Create High Quality Content

No one can beat a quality content, commonly when people see the value of your content they tend to share it to their friends and that's how's quality content works. If you want to do easy backlinks  then make a quality content. 

Try Backlink Generators

Backlink generators are website that offers free backlinks for your blog, this is the easiest way to gain backlinks but harder to get quality links but still if you can make more backlinks the fastest you new pages gets index quickly. 

Create Your Brand

Many blog owners misunderstood that branding is not a small thing. Branding is very important, it's the reasons why readers comeback to your blog. When people see the value of your blog and you consistently promote your blog then soon enough you will get attention by many, just don't be the Jack of all trades where a blog that talks about everything and mislead your readers what your blog is all about will ruin  your branding. Focus only on one niche and your blog will rank better.