how blog make money

Are you an aspiring blogger or a blogger too like me but have not yet monetize your blog? If you are one of the person who also ask this question "how a blog make money" then you are in the right place!

A blog is not just a piece of information where you can write and share your knowledge to other people, but you can also benefit from your hard work of goodness by starting to monetize your blog and that is what I am going share to you today on this page.

To successfully make money on your blog, you must be consistently in creating quality content because without content to read you will not attract people coming in your blog, in short your content is your bait to attract people before you can start making business or selling something to your readers.

If you enjoy more on watching videos than reading,  heres a short video explanation on what are the ways how a blog make money.  If you love reading than watching you can skip this video. Enjoy watching!

How a Blog Make Money? 

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an advertising platform own by Google ,google opens the door for bloggers to monetize their blogs but you still need to pass google Adsense approval

When a blog is approved, google automatically place ads on your blog so you can already start monetizing your blog. 

Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is a program implemented by different business websites that let's you sell their product in exchange for commission, the good thing about affiliate programm,  even you don't have your own products you can still make money on your blog. 

Basically after you join an affiliate program,  you are given a link called affiliate link that serves as a tracking so whenever you refer some customer to their website and purchase some product or services using your link, they can trace where to give that commission and it will be reflected on your affiliate program account.

Sell Your Own Product

Selling your own product is way better than joining an affiliate program because selling your own products allows you to earn 100% profit compare to just receiving a commission. If you have your own product like an E-book, services, files and etc that is valuable, then just sell your own product because you have nothing to lose in this way. 

Final Word

Making money with a blog is a long journey and there's so many research and things to do before you can make a living with a blog,  just remember that if you think you can make a QUALITY CONTENT then go for it because the more people who are impress or considered your contents are valuable the more you can do business with your readers. Hope this post helped you a lot,  if ever you have a problem about this post or has a concern,  you can leave a comment below or send me an email if you may. Thank you for having t8me reading on my page and good luck to you!