Grow organic traffic

Every businesses that has a website or a blog wants to increase their organic traffic, it's because it's the one way ticket to smart passive income which is a good achievements to make a successful business online.

There are many ways to grow your traffic and I got it all on my blog and you can learn a lot of things here related to blogging and specially managing a blogger platform but let's not get away on our topic. Organic traffic is a goal where most of your visitors will came from search engine like Google and Bing  and if you can do it right then you can make your earnings passive. So let's not further delay I know you are here for this. Let's begin!

How to Grow Your Organic Traffic For Your Blog and Website

Use Long Tail Keyword

For example your page talks about "soccer", these days one word keyword is very common, you need to find a way to get out of the competition,  make it longer for example make "soccer exhibition tips". By doing this kind of long tail keyword,  you are quickly to rank your blog's search engine visibility because you are already competing with a unique search keyword. 

Before I forgot to tell you,  use your long tail keyword properly, long tail keyword must be present in your Post Title, URL, meta Description, First Paragraph and scattered around on your body content for better result. 

Interact With Other Webmasters Masters

To boost your organic traffic you need to rank your website or blog and one of the factor to rank your website is gto ain more pageviews and have them stay in your site and to do that you must do blogging commenting(to introduce your blog to the web owners and their readers), guest posting, join a bloggers group(to share your latest post with them) .

Consistent Blogging

Making your blog a very reliable source of information drives more people to your blog and the more you write consistently the better increase of visitors. If you still don't have a blog on your website,  I suggest you should start now. 

Consistent blogging leverage your reach and visibility. Every week you need to publish 3 new post, because if you want to rank your blog to increase search visibility, you need to publish fresh content because as you observe you don't often see 2009 blog post on this year it's because search engines  aims to deliver fresh content and up to date piece of information even there are still antiques post showing on search result it just show sometimes ,  so if you want to boost your organic traffic,  then you must not stop writing new content until some of your post outrank others and start showing on the first page of search result. 

Practice Internal Linking

As I said earlier if you can make visitors stay longer in your blog then you are likely to boost your ranking in search engine quickly by guiding your readers to more revelant content across your blog pages and that is why practicing internal linking is important to boost your blog ranking continuesly. 

Promote To Social Networking Sites

Build a presence by using social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest because this sites will help you leverage your reach to gain more pageviews and potential blog followers. If you want people to know or diacover your blog, then you should not stop promoting your blog post every now and then. 

Prioritize Your Brand

Every month a lot of blogs and websites are created and the internet is becoming saturated,  anybody can make a website but you have differences with others and that is your voice, focus topic, niche and your brand. In the end if your readers see that you have quality content published everytime then you will not ran out of returning  visitors to your blog, and that's how branding works,  you attract again more returning visitors because they remember that you write quality and information blog post consistently.  Just never let your followers down.