Free stock photos pictures

Picture,photo or images or whatever you call it can give a thousands of meaning in one picture. Picture adds interest in the eyes  of the viewer that is why it is very essential specially if you are going to use pictures on blog post or articles.

It is not safe to just get pictures across the internet because there can be a chance that you can be sued when the owner of the picture caught you using their property but thankfully there are some websites that distribute and share free photos which you can use without getting accuse of something you are not. There hundreds of websites that produce free stock photos but you only need few of them to get the images that you need. Let's not further delay,  here are my list of free stock photos websites.

Where to Get Free Stock Photos:

Pixels (Visit Site

Pixels provides high quality and completely free stock photos license under the pixels license. All photos are nicely tagged, searchable and also easy to discover through their discovery page. 

Pixabay (Visit Site

Pixabay is an international website for sharing photos, illustrations, vector graphics and film footage under a proprietary license. as of November 2017, Pixabay offers over 1.2 million free photos,  illustration and vectors.

PikwiZard (Visit Site

Pikwizard offers free stock photos for commercial and editorial use. A huge library of stunning, high quality, royalty free stock images and no attribution required. 

Unsplash (Visit Site

Unsplash is a website dedicated to sharing stock photography under unsplash license. The website claim over 110,000 contributing photographers and generates more than 9 billion photo impression per month on their growing library. 

Stocksnap.IO (Visit Site

Stock snap is also one best source where to get beautiful free photos, high quality and high resolution stock images free from all copyrights restriction. 

PicJumbo (Visit Site

PicJumbo is a fantastic service that offers stock photographs, absolutely free of charge and can be use in commercial and personal projects. 

Kaboompics (Visit Site

Every month, kaboompics gets over 70,000 people from 209 countries visit kaboompics, a really free service for stock images. (Visit Site

Stockvault has very high quality collection of stock photos, as well as logo templates, clip art texture and backgrounds. It's the perfect site to find graphics for your website. 

NegativeSpace (Visit Site

Negative space is about creating communities, a community of photographers who wants to share their work and they allow others to use their photos. 

Splitshire (Visit Site

Splitshire was created with the simple aim of giving life to photographs that would have gone into oblivion without any utility. Statements sounds weird but they are also sharing unique style of photos.