what is page authority

Defining Page Authority is a great way to know what your next move is and if your website or blog is really making some improvements but first let's understand what really is Page Authority. If you are one of my regular readers who wants to learn what is Page Authority then you are in the right page!

So What is Page Authority

If you are most likely enjoy more on watching than reading, here's a short video about Page Authority and Domain Authority Enjoy! :

First of all Page Authority is developed by Moz. PA or Page Authority predicts how well your pages will be rank on search engine results meaning the higher your page authority the more your pages will be seen when people search something related to your pages. Page authority is a clue for web masters that their website and pages are improving their search engine visibility. 

Page Authority is based on data from our or your web index and takes into account dozen of factors. It uses a machine learning model to define the algorithm that best correlate with ranking across the thousands of search engine results. 

How Page Authority Scored? 

Mozart score page authority on a 100 point logarithmic scale. When trying to increase your score, it's easy to increment it to 20 up to 30 and increasing it to more than 40 is going to be tough.

Technical Definition of Page Authority

PA or Page Authority is calculated by individual pages, Page Authority is based from Mozscape web index that includes links count and dozen of other factors. 

Final Thoughts

Moz is not associated with Google but they are known to be an expert about google ranking. If you still don't know where to learn what's the update about your latest Domain and Page Authority, you can check it at CheckPageRank.net. their results came from Moz and MajesticSEO. 

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