make a free blog

Are you planning to make a blog and make money with it? Starting a blog is the wisest choice for passive income and making your first blog is the start of your career as a blogger on the side.

Starting a blog is not really hard but the challenging part is how to make it famous and fill your blog with people every single day which I will be discussing on my blog page everyday but in this page I will be teaching you how to start and make a blog for free. Let's begin!

What is Blogger.Com


Blogger is a blog publishing service that allows users to start a blog for free and blogger is where we are going to make you your own blog. Blogger was developed by Pyra Labs,  which was bought by Google in 2013.

In simple words, blogger is a platform which allow us to create our own blog without any coding experience. 

How to Start and Create a Free Blog in Blogger

To make it easy for you, I prepared a short video on how to start and create your blog for free. 

Disclaimer: this is not my own video on how to start a blog for free. This video is used to just complete the tutorial. Enjoy Watching! 

Now you already have created a blog, you may need to change your blog's template and apply that template that you downloaded. You can get free template on my Blogger Template Page.

For complete tutorial how to design your blogger blog, you can check my How to Design a Beautiful Blogger Blog Tutorial.


Now that you have a blog, decide a topic that you will focus discussing on your blog and that is called niche. If you need more ideas what is a niche, you can check my Types of Profitable Blog Niche for Beginners

Hope you learn something from this page, if you have doubts about this topic, feel free to tell me by leaving comment below. Thanks for having time reading and good luck to your blog.