Job hunting tips

You just finish schooling and you are ready for a new beginning and job hunting comes next. Whether it's your first time finding a job or taking first step to a career change,  I got a numerous tips from managers and recruiters that I have interviewed with that will help you secure in finding a job suited for you and here are some tips that can help you when seeking for your dream job.

Job Hunting Tips For Fresh Graduates:

Seek For a Career Not a Job

One of the reason why most employees don't become successful in their career is because of the lack of determination and enjoyment on their current job,  people that doesn't become happy on their job most of the time quit or got fired due to the lack of focus and love for their job. 

Research The Companies Background You are After

Before the interview you must research about the company background,line of work and the position your are after because these topics are most ask and talked about in the interview just to make sure that they know that you know what you are applying for.

Finding a Job is Numbers Game

If you want to be 150% sure that you will get a job, you must not be settle for only sending your application to few companies, remember it's a competition for a position you want to get so it's better if you distribute your application as many as you can at least in the end you can get multiple options when companies starts calling you for interview. 

Don't Forget Online Job Portal

We are in a generation where theres an other way to apply for a job in an easy way,  why not try online right?  Before searching for a job outside your home,  you can at least try online first, There are thousand of website that post job vacancy, you just need to choose what kind of job you really want to get.

Send a Resume Not a Biodata

When applying for a job,  sending just a bio data isn't a bad idea but we are in a competition in finding a job,  you must show that you are an intellectual person not just following guides and just filling up a paper that ask you the required information,  so it's better if you are going to show your background on a piece of paper that explains about you using in your own words and resume fits that kind of idea. 

Be Nice on Interview

When in the interview,  the interviewer is not just picking the best candidate for the position,  job interviewer are also looking for employees that they are comfortable to work with. Avoid hate statements, ruining other people and keep bringing people in the conversation in a positive way. 

Hope this page is helpful to you. If you are experiencing problem on this page, concern or want to add value on this topic,  you can leave a comment below or send me an email. Thank you for having time reading on my page and good luck!