Are you noticing or experiencing lag when you are playing mobile legends lately? Playing mobile legends specially in a pro rank makes people really frustrating and I know it because of I am also one of the pro rank players in mobile legends.  Hello there I am paul I am also a mobile legends gamer IGN Cyfrus and I am also a blogger that talks about How to Start a Blog for Free but today  I will be discussing more about how to fix your lag issues when playing mobile legends. Without further delay let begin!

To fix the lag when you are playing mobile games, you need an app called SUPER PINGER - ANTI Lag for All Mobile Games Online.

What Does Super Pinger Do? 

Super Pinger is an anti lag app design for mobile games not just mobile legends. What it do is that it pings your connection. It reduces ping latency and makes the ping more stable for short it controls the ping from jumping higher that make it looks smooth while playing. It doesn't really make sure it won't lag your gaming experience but somehow it makes your gaming playable. You can download it on Playstore. But make sure the image of the app is the same like this. 

The app is pretty simple, you just need to open the app and click the on button and that's it,  it tries to control your ping latency. But to make an impressive change on your gaming experience, you can follow this other tips so you can use the app to its maximum potential. 

Turn Off Live Stream

Turning the live stream off will greatly fix your lag issues because when live stream eats some of your ping making your game larger. 

Close All Background Apps

Check if there is app running in the background as it may cause some device lag experience. 

Check Your Internet Speed

Sometimes your internet is the cause why you are lagging. 

Always Have 2GB Internal Storage Allowance

Always check if you have enough storage because sometimes it cause device lag. 

Do Not Use Power Saving Feature

If your device has power saving mode, turn it off because it decreases your phone performance. 

That's it! Thanks for reading hope it helps you a lot.  If the lag is still having worse experience it must be that your location is the problem,  you can change data internet provider or apply for line connection. Thank you for reading and good luck!