Google Adsense alternatives

Are you not satisfied with Google Adsense? or you don't have Google Adsense because google keeps rejecting your blog? Don't worry if you need tips how to easily get approve in google Adsense, you can read my How to Get Google Adsense for Your Blog Fast. But since this page focus all about google Adsense alternatives let me share you my best list so stay with me on this page as a share you my best recommended list of google Adsense alternatives.

But before we go to my list,  here's a bonus video about google Adsense alternative if you hate reading more. Enjoy the video! If you want more option of google Adsense alternative I wrote it below the video.

7 Best Google Adsense Alternatives You Must Have:

Gain Rock

Gain rock is one of the best google Adsense alternative because it's an affiliate program which promises you to have a stable $10,000 monthly income. How? You earn 10% in all of your referral monthly income. 

In Gain rock you are just recommending reliable and handy services to bloggers and affiliate marketer,  you earn by selling linksmanagement services or earn 10% of your referral's monthly income. is a contextual and network by Yahoo and bing. It offers high paying ads. Moreover, the type of their ads are similar to google Adsense. 


PropellerAds is one of the greatest google Adsense alternatives. The great thing about propellerads is that apart from all common and types, they recently have website push notification and types. 

Amazon Display Ads

Amazon display ads is one of the most popular choices among bloggers for blog monetization. Amazon display ads is a great choice to try if you are looking for other than Adsense. If your traffic are mostly from US and EU then amazon display ads is right for you.


Adversal offers a good earning rate but before you can join,  you need to have pageviews of 50,000/month before they will accept your application. 


Viglink is perfect for bloggers which is linking out to an e-commerce website. The difference of viglinks with other alternatives that I mentioned before is that your earn from viglinks by making affiliate sales.


Skimlinks is also a best alternatives to Adsense and to viglink and it works similar to viglink. Skimlinks convert your outbound links into affiliate links,  and you can earn money whenever a sale happens.

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Here are my best recommended list of google Adsense alternatives. Hope you have already pick an Adsense alternatives this time. Thank you for reading and wish you become successful in your blogging journey. Good luck to you!