Blogspot a.k.a blogger is a great blogging platform where user can start a blog for free and the good thing with blogspot is that, blogspot allows us to customize or personalize  our blog design with the use of free blogger templates that you can find across the internet and because it's a great platform millions of people are using blogger, what happen next is we cannot avoid hearing disadvantages experiences happening to other blogspot users like some other users claim that their blogs has been deleted by google since blogger or blogspot is the owner of google. So what could be the reason?

As a blogspot user this is very alarming but don't worry,  if you have read the blogger content policy you don't need to worry about anything and since new blogger are not aware of these policy at least you should know the major policy that google strictly wants you to follow so you won't get any problems about blog deletion .

Here are the very important google blogger policy you should remember:

Only Create Original Content

Google is so advance today it can detect if your content is not original or just a copy and paste content and don't mind trying to copy blog post because it will surely not ranked on search engines. As possible try to learn from reading on other blogs so you can write original content for your blog,  if I have done it,  you can too. 

Avoid Looking Spam

As possible avoid looking spam by avoiding making duplicate content on some of your pages, also thin content, as possible make it 400 words per blog post and mobile friendly that makes your blog look professional by picking the right blogger templates.

Avoid Using Hate Speech

We have the freedom to speak what we want to say but since we are using Google's platform for free,  we can write what we want but we are not allowed to say bad to anyone specially about government agency because google doesn't allow things that may ruin google's reputation. 

Avoid Adding Annoying Third Party Ads

Google aim for blogspot bloggers to delivery quality content to the public but if your blog is full of annoying ads and pop-ups that keeps blocking your content and will not allow people to read what you wrote then Google don't want that, also as blogger it is not good for your ranking when nobody stay on your blog for a long duration of time just because of irritating ads.

Also when putting ads to your blog,  it is much better if we use Google Adsense alone on your blog since it has good reputation ads showing on your blog that doesn't promote malware and scams of businesses.

That's it! Those are the important policy that you should be serious about, actually  there are other policy that you can take a look at google blogger content policy but the policy that I mention above are the serious policy that google strictly wants. you to follow.  I hope you learn something from my blog and long live blogspot user.