Have you thought of asking yourself what backlinks is and what is the importance of backlinks and why web masters tries to build backlinks for their blog and website? If you want to understand backlinks then you are in the right page. If you want to rank your website you must understand how backlinks work and this is what I am going to discuss about.

One day a newbie blogger ask me,  why do we need backlinks and my answer was, we need backlinks because it indicates how popular your blog has become and without backlinks,  your blog will not be different to newbie blogs out there. Google uses backlinks to understand the status of your blog resulting to increase of your page rank.

When building backlinks, it's not enough to just randomly increase the number of your backlinks, you must give time and plan to gather high quality backlinks. Why? It's because high quality sites let's you drag some of their traffic to your blog. Low quality links are blogs or websites that still has no impressive traffic which has no benefits to your website.

When building backlinks, expert bloggers suggested that you must only build backlinks to blogs and websites that are relevant only to your niche. Why? It's because it let's you gather readers that has the same interest and has the potential to read what you share on your blog everytime you have updates. Because when you drive people that will not be interested to your content then it will not be good to your bounce rate of your blog.

What is Bounce Rate? 

Bounce rate is one of google ranking factor and according to Wikipedia bounce rate is term use in web traffic analysis. It represents the percentage of visitors who enter your site and then leave("bounce") rather than continuing to view other of your pages, in layman's terms if the visitors stays longer on your blog, it only indicate that you have a lot of valuable information on your website, meaning the more it is repeatedly happening on your blog or website(stayed long) , the more it is likely to boost your blog or website's ranking. 

Also before we end this topic,  let me warn you that might ruin your page ranking. When building backlinks, you must be careful in choosing where to leave your links, only choose sites to build backlinks to a trustworthy site with high Domain Authority that are not far away with your niche because if you will just randomly build links to different blog niches , you might get the opposite result because google might consider your blog as a spam link that's why I do not recommend bloggers to randomly build links. 

By building quality backlinks, you are attracting visitors to your blog or website. You can't just build a blog or a website and expect people to find you without informing them that you existed and by building backlinks, its one way to promote your website. 

Even building backlinks will increase your search engine visibility, we still cannot depend on it because google algorithm takes time to analyze your site before it will be shown always on search results and building backlinks will help your blog to drive traffic quickly before google shows your blog on search engine more frequently.