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Do you own a blogger blogspot blog but you are still using a blogspot subdomain? And now you are ready to setup a custom domain name for your blog? The good thing about having a custom domain name is that it will increase your blog trust rate because you are starting to have a brand for your blog. Using a blogspot subdomain is not a bad idea but if you want your readers to see that you are a serious blogger,  you should have your own domain name.  To get started you must first purchase your own domain name. Don't you know where to purchase a domain?  For newbies I strongly suggest that you buy your own custom domain at Namecheap.

The reason why I recommend Namecheap is because they have a good offer for newbies. For only $3.98 you can have a custom domain for already 1 year. Don't worry you can renew for another year when you're close to expiration,  Namecheap will notify you on your email 1 month before the expiration date. To get started you need to do what I instructed you to do, first thing you need to do is you should buy a custom domain name on Namecheap. To purchase click buy now.

When choosing a domain name you should be very professional, think of it as your company name,  do not include numbers on your domain name and it must only contain all letter because having numbers on your domain name will look spam. Here's a quick video that will help you decide what is the best domain name for your blog.

Guide When Picking a Domain Name

Before we proceed I would like to tell this is not my own video. Credits to the owner. This video is for demonstration only. Enjoy this short tutorial:

Now that you have an idea name for your blog's domain name, maybe you are now ready to purchase a domain name for your blog, before we proceed to setting up your custom domain in blogger blogspot just to avoid mistakes you should buy your own custom domain name right now click buy a domain name now before we proceed. 

After you are done picking your domain name at namecheap, you are now ready to setup and link it to your domain name to your blogger blog so instead your domain name will be it will turn into This is very easy to follow watch this short video. 

Just a reminder, this is not my own video, credits to the owner,  this video is for demonstration only. Enjoy watching:

Video Tutorial How to Setup a Custom Domain For Your Blogger Blogspot

This is how to setup a custom domain. If ever you are having issue or concern to this tutorial,  you can leave a comment below or search me through email. Hope this had help you and good luck!