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Want to know more about credit card and debit card security? Debit card and credit card are very useful these days because all seem can be done online nowadays, thats why many people finds a way how to do crime online and snatched personal and credit card details without the knowledge of the victim. If you are here to learn more credit and debit card security then you are in the right page. Before I will teach you how to protect your credit card from hackers,  let me first share you some ways how hacker can able to snatch your card details and here are the ways.

Techniques Used How Hackers Steals Your Card Details:


Thieves or hackers sends emails and pop-ups that appears to be from banks and credit card companies. They will ask you to click a link and provide information related to your account, they may trick you by threatened you with severe consequence so their victim will forcely act on it if they fail to provide the information about credit and debit card details. 


Skimming are happen by replacing a card reader like an ATM with a camouflage reader,  it record all of the data on a credit or debit card as it passes through the skimmer. Most of the time skimming happens in restaurants, taxis or other business. So when you are transacting using your card on some places please be cautious and choose only businesses that are reputable and has been there for so long. 

Phone Calling

There are criminals that will pretend to be as a bank or a credit card company that will try to ask your card details to resolve some tricky problems that might be use to hack your card, never entertain this kind of calls and to be sure, just go straight to your bank personally and confirm it if it is true. 

How to Secure Your Credit Card or Debit Card:

Here's a bonus video if ever you don't like reading more. This video is not my own. Credits to the owner. This video is for demonstration purposes only. Enjoy Watching! 

Use Your Card to Trusted Websites

If you are planning to use your card online you must be careful, as possible use your card to a reputable website or at least with encrypted website's that has https:// on their website address because you can be sure your transactions are always encrypted.

Use Private Network

As possible when transacting online with your card, avoid connecting on public Wi-Fi or a public devices like computer cafe because you are not sure if there's a software hidden trying to capture users activities. 

Keep Your PIN Safe

You should never ever give out your pin to anyone because it supposed to be your personal details because if many know of your pin then you won't able to track who's using your card. 

Watch Out for Phishing Scams

As I mention before how phishing scam works,  do not trust when you are receiving unwanted emails pretending to be your credit card company or bank even if it looks so true,  don't give your details and go straight to your credit card company office and confirm it personally if it is true or not. 

Ask for Online Banking

If possible ask for online banking if available because it is easy for you to check or supervise if there is suspicious happening in your bank balance wherever you may be because if ever there is something suspicious happen,  you can report it right away in your bank. 

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