Are you always writing valuable content on your blog and you found out that no one is seeing your blog pages,  maybe your blog is not index. This isn't new,  most bloggers and web masters are also experiencing this kind of problems.

New website's takes a couple of days to weeks or months before it can be visible to search engines, that is how normal index happen when you do not take action because it needs time for Google bot to crawled your pages one by one and if you want to index your pages quickly then this post is what you are looking for. But before that to make sure that we are on the same side of topic let's take time to recall what really is crawling and indexing.

What is Crawling and Indexing

Crawling is the process where google sends google bots to collect data on your pages. Google uses those data to assign certain keywords and phrases to crawled keywords and expert called it index. 

That is why when users enter a search query on search engines,  google quickly scans the list of indexed website's showing only appropriate and relevant web pages on search results. 

Now that it's cleared to us what is index and crawling, let me tell you how to index quickly. 

In 2019 of February google has new UI for their google search console, the good thing about the new UI is it's very straight forward and more user friendly and you can use Google Search console to index your pages quickly,  here's how you are going to do it. 

Step by Step to Index Your Blog Pages

2. Login and Navigate the Navigation bar on the upper left of your dashboard and locate URL Inspection page. 

3. Submit all of your links even the latest blog post URL for inspection. 

4. Request for Index. 

5. You're done!  Congrats!  You just indexed a page. 

Compare to the normal index,  just give time for Google bot to crawl your pages for only 20 minutes after following the instruction above, your blog post is now visible on search results.  

To check if your pages are index you can go to and type in your search query as:

It depends how your domain looks like if with www. Or non www.