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Planning to move your WordPress Self hosted blog to blogger(blogspot)? Most bloggers are going to tell you that WordPress is the best blogging platform that you will ever use which I will strongly disagree because blogger also known as blogspot has much benefits compare to WordPress and one benefit that I'm sure you will like is blogger helps you save more money because it's free, you do not need to problem about bandwidth limit and storage limit, it's free forever as long blogger still exist and you can build authority for a long time and you only need to purchase a custom domain to improve your branding.  I have written a blog post called What are the Advantages of Using a Blogspot Blog if you want to learn more.

Moving a WordPress blog to blogger is pretty simple. When moving your blog from WordPress to blogger you only need to export all your blog posts and pages, the only downside when transferring WordPress to blogspot is that you cannot export your blog design. To make it happen what you are going to do is create a new blog on blogger,  apply a beautiful responsive template and import your content and you are set.  But how are you exactly going to do it? I prepared a video for that hope this will be helpful.

How to Move From WordPress to Blogger Blogspot

Here's a short video demonstration:

I am not the owner of this video, credits to the owner. I only use this video for demonstration only.

To convert your WordPress file to blogger file proceed to this link: https://wordpress-to-blogger-converter.appspot.com

If you are experiencing any problems with this guide or have any concert,  you can comment below or send me an email. Thank you for having time on my page and good luck!