Do you want to be seen on google map? Starting a business is tough specially when you are just starting out. Your business,product or services might be useful for someone and this is when google map comes in. If you want to know how to make people find you on google map then this post is for you. Lets not further delay, let me teach you how to do it.

How To Register Your Business or Building on Google Map

To make it easy for you to follow,  I prepared a video for you. This video is not my own. Credits to the owner. This video is for demonstration purposes only. Enjoy Watching!

What is Google Map? 

Google map

According to Wikipedia, Google Map is a web mapping services developed by this big company name by it self Google. Google map offers satellite imagery, aerial photography ,street maps, 360 panoramic view of street using Google street view, real time traffic condition using Google traffic and route planning. 

With the use of google map you can able to promote your hidden business place and rare services. If you are a blogger like me and you have an office where you need employees to run your business, you can use Google Maps to boost your reach and brand awareness. 

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