Did you heard about backlinks from an expert and you learn that if you build or make backlinks to your new blog you would get improvements on your blog's traffic which is true according to my experiences and if you want to learn what are the ways to get backlinks then you are in the right place. In this page I will also tell you why you should start building backlinks and what would be the effect when you started building traffic to your blog,  without further delay,  let's begin!

What is a Backlink? 

Backlinks are considered incoming links from other website's or blog's pages. When a page is pointing to other pages it's called backlinks,  even an internal linking is also considered a backlink.

The idea here is that if you have more backlinks, the more your blog become authority and will always be visible to search engines resulting in increasing traffic for your blog.

What is the Benefit of Back links?:

It Improves Your Organic Traffic

Organic traffic are traffic that came from search engines like google or bing. When search engines detects that many is referring your pages, search engines like google considered your pages as a valuable source of information.  For short backlinks are considered like votes, if many people vote for your content,  google show it to a lot of people when people tries to search on search engines. That is how backlinks work. 

Your Pages Indexed Much Faster

Crawlers or bots are the ones that collects data on every website's pages when website's are registered to search engines and if your links are scattered all over the webs,  when crawler or bot scans a website and your link is in their pages, your links will be included to index

Gain Referral Traffic

The good thing when you build backlinks for your new blog, you expand your blog's exposure. Imagine if you have able to scattered all your links throughout the web, people will come to your blog in every way which is still a good source to drive traffic. 

Ways to Get Back links To Your New Blog:

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is way where you comment on other blogs, but be sure when you are going to leave a comment be very kind and make it long. Do not spam and also only pick blog posts to leave comment that are related to your niche so it will not be consider by google as spam link building which is not good for your ranking. 

Internal Linking

Internal linking is a way where you make a new blog post and you refer your old post so you can drive more traffic to your old post.  I just discovered lately that internal linking is also considered as a backlink and it let's you promote your old blog post,  isn't it great? 

Offer a Guest Post

If you think you are a great writer,  you can offer your skills to other blogs, there are many blogs who are looking for writers for their blogs and you can offer your skill in exchange for backlink. Guest post helps you promote your expertise when people see that you made a great post on other blogs, they will try to seek something on your blog.

Steal Backlinks from Best Blogs

If  you have blogs that you follow or you saw some high authority blogs and you also want to become high authority like them why not steal their backlinks. How?  All you have to do is use ahrefs

Ahrefs enables you to check a website's backlinks in order to track where they get their backlinks resulting them to have higher domain authority. It's like doing piggy back on the links that made best blogs a best blog.

Become an Expert on Quora 

Quora is a website where people usually ask different kind of questions and you can participate there by providing solutions in every question people ask. You can provide your blog post links in order to satisfy their question plus it also helps you gain backlinks and drives more traffic to your blog.

These are the things I usually do in my day to day basis,  it helps my blog a lot to expand exposure and build authority that leads me to improve my traffic.  If you have more to add or have a question don't bother ask a question below. Thanks for reading!