Blogger or a.k.a blogspot is one awesome blogging platform and you're thinking of making a backup of it is a wise idea to save your blogspot blog.

Blogger is free and that is what making it attractive and there is no limit to it as long as you follow their blogger content policy and as your blogging grow soon there will be coming unexpected calamity and all your hardworking will come to an end if you don't make a backup of your blog as early as possible.

Did you know that every month a lot of blogs get hacked, templates get ruined and etc. and having a backup takes a way a lot of pain out of the recovery process when things goes wrong.

When backing up your blogger blog, you will want to backup both of your templates and your content, like your posts,pages and widgets so that you can save your blogspot blog if something goes horribly wrong with your blog. Here's a short video how to backup your blogger blogspot blog.

This video is not my own. Credits to the owner. This video is for demonstration purposes only. Enjoy watching!

Now that you know how to backup your blogspot blog of course you can save it in your computer but you still need to have a copy of it where it is very safe than saving on your computer because if you computer got broken then it will be very hard for you to recover your blog when things go wrong. It's time to think where to keep your backup. So where to keep your data file safe? The answer is Google Drive

Google drive is a product of Google and you can store your files for free with a limited storage capacity of 15GB per account and its already not bad for beginners. And in the long run you can expand your storage capacity but it's not already free and you need to pay for a monthly recurring fee. 

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