screen record

Screen recording is now the trend way to make tutorials or a game review. With this software that I am going to share you, you will be able make recording  on your laptop or desktop.

With this software, this process gives you an output video file, which you can use to upload on YouTube or in other video hosting sites so you can start monetizing your own videos. So what is this software that I am talking about? The software is called bandicam.

What is Bandicam? 

Bandicam is a desktop and laptop screen recording tool designed for video game recording software but you can still use it for other recording purposes on your computer screen. Here's a short video demonstration:

This video is not my own. Credits to the owner. This video is only use for demonstration purpose only. Enjoy the video:

Bandicam is recommended for businesses and professionals aiming to produce short videos specially tutorial videos for their YouTube channel or social media department or your team. 

The good thing about bandicam is that using Nvidia's H. 264 codec, bandicam has the ability to compress a file to a smaller size and still can maintain it's video quality. The game recording functionality of bandicam enables user to record game video and gaming sessions which content or program is using the so called DirectX/OpenGL graphic technologies, that let's you record in full screen in HD without including window borders smoothly and flawlessly. 

Because bandicam is primarily built to record high speed gaming, the game recording functionality is outstanding. Equipped with basic and advance settings and options. Before you try to record gaming sessions using the game recording mode, users are provided with options to configure some settings which include General, FPS or in other words Frame Per Seconds, video, image, and output.