ranking factors

Wondering what are the Google ranking factors for ranking a page? Are you one of the bloggers who aims to get higher search ranking?  If you are serious then congrats cause you are in the right page! In this page, I will tell you everything what you need to know about google ranking factors, without further delay,  let's begin.

Search ranking is a way to determine if your blog is having improvements or not. By increasing your blog's ranking, google take this metrics to give your blog high visibility on search engines,  google prioritize more of your pages on search result and most amazing thing that all bloggers want to happen is it gives you chance to be in the first page of search result.

There are many ranking factor that other blogs are including on their list,  but it doesn't make major changes in your ranking. On my journey to blogging here are the list you should focus about.

The Following Google Factors the You Should Know:

Domain Age

One of the major factor to rank a blog is domain age because most blogs that has massive traffic are the one who are already online for a long time and only serious web masters and bloggers are the only one who pursue quality content. Because blogging is a fight of passion or patience because sites who doesn't have quality do not have the capacity to stay long.

Authority Backlinks

The second major factor to rank your pages is link score,  link score are number of links pointing to your blog or website and it's called backlinks, if google saw that your links are on high authority blogs or websites even you have few backlinks to high authority sites,  it will jump the page rank of your blog. Meaning the more back links the better increase of pagerank.  

Quality Content

This is why pages rank and it's because of the content in your pages, after all content is king because no one is going to read what you write if your information that you write in your blog is very poor.  If you have valuable information in your blog people will stay and browse more on your blog resulting to a rich bounce rate,  when google saw people love staying to your blog,  google will consider your blog have rich and valuable content resulting to gaining positive ranking. 

Social Signals

Social signals are signals coming from social networking sites that is why i always encourage my readers to promote their site every time to expand exposure and brand awareness.  When google sees that more people are sharing your post,  google consider this a valuable content resulting positive ranking of your blog. 

Sites that has HTTPS

Google now prioritize blogs with https:// because people nowadays love to visit trusted site than sites that only have http:// because they are sure that these kind of websites will not harm them from hacking and distributing malware that may do damages their devices.

Your Blog Must be Mobile Friendly

A lot of people ask me why do they need to have their website mobile friendly and my answer is because nowadays most people are now in using their mobile devices to browse the internet and people in mobile do not want to still zoom in and zoom out while reading on blogs, they want an easy user interface that do not give them the stress while reading content.

Google algorithms is so unpredictable and no one can predict how google work when about to google page ranking but still the factors that I mention above is the main factor to rank a page,  hope you have learn something from this page and good luck to your page ranking have a nice day!