Free custom domain

Looking for a free custom domain name?  Starting a blog is the wisest way to express you interest and monetize it and if you got a blog in a blogger blogspot platform and you want to know how to get a free custom domain then you are in the right place. I will teach you how to get it in this page.

Having a blog on blogger is awesome because you don't need to pay for anything and that's what I love with blogger, but the thing is your blog will going to be long because you are just using a subdomain name by default and to change that you need a custom domain name and to change it,  it's either you get a paid custom domain name or get a free custom domain name and because this topic is all about how to get a free custom domain, I will teach you how to get one,  and the answer is Freedom.

What is Freenom

Freenom is the world's first and only free domain name provider according to their website. Their mission is to bring people online and help countries develop their own digital economy. 

The good thing about freedom services is their free domain name works exactly like any other domain name, and you can use it on your blogger blogspot blog. Here's how to get free custom domain. 

The following videos that I am going to show you is not my own. Credits to the owner. This video is for demonstration purposes only. Enjoy watching. 

My Opinion About Freenom

Freenom is a great service if you want to get a custom domain name without paying any dime and because you got it for free, it is not entirely your own property. Anytime they can take it away from you if they want to specially if your domain name from their service are starting to get traffic. When still starting out it's best to stay free for the first year or two but when your domain started to get high volume of traffic, I suggest you should turn it to paid domain meaning you should pay for it so they can't take it away from you because you are already the legal owner of the domain name. That's how it works if you are serious with your free domain name. With freenom you can have the chance to shorten your domain name, thats why most blogger decide to get a custom domain so their readers can easily remember their blog because shorten domain name is the best asset for branding.


Having a custom domain for free is great because everyone loves free but the thing is you should need to be aware of the disadvantages so you can be ready for any trick that will happen to your domain name. But if you don't want any problems to worry, it is best that you have your own paid custom domain. And if you want to know how to get a paid custom domain you can read my How to Setup a Paid Custom Domain in Blogger

Thank you for having time reading on my page. If you have any problem with this post or have concern about this topic,  you can comment below or reach me on my email just below of this page. Thank you for reading and good luck!