Google adsense

Do you still use a subdomain on your blogger a.k.a blogspot blog and you plan to get your own custom domain name? Do you already have approve Google Adsense on your blog? Then if you are you might need to read this post because after making your subdomain to a custom domain, your google adsense will be gone because it is only bind on your subdomain.

Soon you might already decide to get or purchase your own custom domain and with this post you are going to be ready. When I turn my subdomain to a custom domain it's takes me a month to get approved again and it has made me frustrating because compare when my blog is still in subdomain it only takes two weeks only then I already got an approved Adsense. Sometimes it's funny because it just made my life more challenging and all I just want was to start monetizing my blog.

Checklist Before Applying for Google Adsense Again:

Resubmit Your Blog Post Again To Search Console

When you apply for a custom domain,  it's like giving birth again to a brand new blog because when google is going to inspect your blog for Google Adsense approval,  and if google sees that you only have few or no index pages, google will automatically disapprove your request. If you don't know how to reindex your blog post, you can my my New Way to Index Your Blog Post Quickly

Wait for Google to Fix Your Cononicals

A canonical is a link element that helps webmasters prevent duplicate content. Since your own domain and your custom domain has similar content because it's actually the same blog,  google needs time to analyze your links and if you reapply right away without waiting for the right time,  you will disapprove for poor content.  Because your content is still considered belong to your old domain.  You need to wait for 1 to 2 weeks before you are going to reapply again. 

You Need to Link Your Custom Domain Properly to Your Blogger Blog

I have experiencing multiple tries in the past but I was still disapprove, I do not know why it keeps telling me that my blog was "Down or Unavailable" but when I check it was not, but when I try to type on the address bar on my desktop browser without the www. and only, it redirect me to the domain registrar of my domain name,  meaning it's not configured well. To avoid this misconfiguration,  you can read my Steps to Setup a Custom Domain on Blogger Blogspot and Checklist in Configuring a Custom Domain

Earn Page Rank 1/10

When you are able to make your blog gain a page rank 1/10 it's the quickest way to get approved on Google Adsense. since your custom domain is considered new, you need to show google that your blog pages are valuable,  meaning you need other blogs and website to refer your blog, in other words you need to show google that many blogs and websites are pointing to your blog. To do this you need to build backlinks from high authority blogs, maybe 50 backlinks from high authority blogs is enough then after 1-2 weeks you will be surprise on the results. 

If you want to know how to check your blog's page rank, you can visit CheckPageRank and if you want to get ideas on building backlinks you can read my How to Get Backlinks to Your New Blog