blogger tricks

Blogger or a.k.a blogspot for me is the best blogging platform because it own by google and for newbies I strongly suggest that they should choose blogger because they can start a blog for free. Did you know that there are some advantages a blogger platform has? And you can use it to improve your blog much better, that is why i decided maybe you might need to be aware of these tricks too.

Blogspot Tricks That You Don't Know:

You Can Enable Meta Description

Meta description is a short description like you see on search result below the title and web address, the short paragraph you see there is called meta description. By default your meta description for your every blog post in your blogspot blog will be the first paragraph of your blog post. By enabling meta description,  you can set your own meta description the way you like. Here are short video how you can do it. 

The video below is not my own. Credits to the owner, this video is for demonstration only. 

You Can Have A Beautiful Blogspot Blog Design

By default, your blog design will not look beautiful or professional and to make it look good, you need to find a blogger templates on the internet and if you are looking for some,  you can check out my list of beautiful free responsive blogger templates

Advance Add CSS to Blogger

Adding CSS code or changing some line of codes in your blogger templates directly might ruin your blog but with the use of Add CSS, you can change some codes in your blogger template without ruining the core codes of your template and you can test some line of codes without worrying that you might ruin your blog. 

With add CSS, you are just inserting a code in the template and overwrite the existing line of code and if you want to reset the changes, you can just safely remove it on the add CSS box.  Here's are short video demonstration. 

You Can Quickly Index Your Page Faster

By default your blog will be visible to search engine more or less two weeks and sometimes it reaches to one month and the downside of it is that it makes your blog ranking slower. To quickly index your pages,  you can read my New Way to Quickly Index Your Blog Posts. By doing this you are able to index your blog post in less than 30 minutes. 

You Do Not Need to Pay for SSL Certificate

When buying for a custom domain in Namecheap or in other domain name registrar. To enable https:// for your domain name, you need to purchase the SSL Certificate for your domain for more or less $75 USD per year but on blogger your custom domain can have https:// for free. You  can read my Steps to Setup a Custom Domain for Blogspot and watch the short video demonstration on how to make a custom domain https:// enable. 

Blogger is Also SEO Friendly

Who says blogspot blogs cannot rank on search engine? No SEO is universal. Search engine ranking do not pick side. Any platform can be rank, you just need to be knowledgeable on how to rank a blog post.  You can read my 7 Blogspot SEO Techniques That Drives More Traffic to know how.