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Do you have files that you want to share to your readers on your blogger(blogspot) blog? I am not sure what is your niche but I know there are some topics that need to share files in order to be productive.

For example when I was a newly graduate I was looking for a sample resume and I dont know how to make a resume from scratch thankfully I found a website which discuss about resume and shares a sample resume on his page and that was cool. I also found a company website that shares a form online and they want to fill it up and send it back to their email. This are some benefit of file sharing on website and blogs and if you are planning to share files and you have files that you want to share to your readers then this post is the right page for you.

I wrote this blog post because blogger(blogspot) doesn't allow users to upload any file except for images and videos. So how to solve this problem? The answer is Google Drive.

What is Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud service website that is own by Google. Its primary goal is to store files in the cloud and its better than saving it on USB. Because if you lost your USB, you are going to lost it permanently. While in Google Drive anywhere you go, you can access your files.

For starters Google Drive is free and gives you free 15GB of storage and its the only most generous free cloud storage available in the internet. If you need more file space dont worry Google Drive offers 100GB for $1.99 per month and 1TB for $9.99 per month.

How to Share Your Files On Your Blogger Blog

Lets take time to watch this short video explaining how to share files.

This video is not my own.Credits to the owner. This video is for demonstration only.

The video shows how you can create a downloadable link for a single file or by bulk files.

When you get the share link you can now link it to your post wherever you want.