Find your blog

We all wanted to be seen on the web so people can easily find our blog on search engine. As an online marketer we wanted to grow our traffic so we can start doing business online on our blog and as a beginner it is our challenge that we need to conquer and to easily find your blog on search engine I got the answers for you.

What I understand about search engine is that search engine is just a web directory that show random result that matches the keywords on blogs and updates from time to time and because search engines are already crowded with millions of websites they made an algorithm to make it a neutral and balance search results.

People are very obsess with search ranking that they don't realize that it only makes them stress for the things they cannot control. All I want to say is that there is no way that people will not find your blog but without knowing what I will tell in this post, you will just delay your visibility on search engines here is what you need to do to quicken the results.

How to Make People Find Your Blog on Search Engine:

Create Valuable Content

For now you need to focus first how you are going to help other people. People love answers and you are going to provide that solution for them,  this is how you are going to be valuable. Choose a niche that you think many can relate and people will look for your blog post when they need. 

Know How to Use Focus Keywords

To improve your search visibility of your posts, you need to include keywords that explain what your blog post is all about. Also keep your titles around 60 characters long or less. If you are using blogspot, focus keyword must be present in your title, URL and meta description.

Submit Your Blog to Search Engine

Submitting your blog is pretty simple,  here a quick video. This is not my video. Credits to the owner. This video is for demonstration purposes only. Enjoy watching! 

Only start submitting your blog URL when you have content on your blog for better result. Trust me just submit your blog when your blog already have blog posts. 

Learn How to Quickly Index Your Blog Post

Waiting for things to happen isn't a goal here for people to find your blog quickly,  it's like waiting for a fruit to fall before you can satisfy your stomach. To quickly make people read your post you need to find way to index your blog posts. Heres a video that I found on Google. Credits to the owner. 

Generate External Backlinks 

For my understanding,  the number of backlinks on your blog have is the measurement that telling google or search engines that your blog is far away from being spam, since google is crowded with millions of blogs, google will determine the relevancy and quality of a blog to prioritize on the top search through backlinks ,  backlink is like a vote and if your blog has many back links your will usually show up on top search result. 

There is one way that is common to build backlink and it is by blog commenting. What you are going to do is just leave comments to make backlinks because when you're leaving comment,  you are able to leave your site links.  To help you find blogs to leave backlinks,  here a short video. Credits to the owner. 

Make Your Image Searchable

To make your images searchable, and accessible for visually impaired readers, you can add a short description  on your photos by inserting alt text, and a title.

Gain Social Signals

Don't forget social networking sites are also website's and according to expert online marketers, social signals like share and likes adds votes to your blog which is I suggest that you need to promote your blog consistently on facebook, twitter and other social networking sites. 

If you want to increase chances of your blog's visibility,  you need to follow these tips consistently so you can get great results. Thanks for reading and good luck!