Are you serious to make your blog popular? Blogging is becoming popular in each day, everyday new blogs are arising because most blogs shares a tutorial on how to start a blog including my blog where I teach beginners how to start a blog for free.

I will be honest with you that it's not going to be easy to make a blog popular because you need to make a lot of marketing to boost traffic to your blog and sometimes you need to spend money for the sake of expanding the exposure of your blog but as possible let's do it in a free way, so keep on reading cause I will reveal to you what are the things you need to do to make your blog popular,  lets not further delay here are the guide to do it.

Comprehensive Guide To Make a Blog Popular:

Personalize Your Blog

To have a popular blog,  the first step that beginners should do is that you need to personalize your blog design, it must be beautiful, simple and neat. If your blog is on blogspot,  you can browse my list of beautiful responsive blogger templates for your blogspot blogs.

This is how you stand out the crowd of bloggers,  you need to be unique in every way and having different blog design will make your readers remember of you. There's a saying that first impression last because if they see that your blog is not professionally well design,  they will look for other blogs that has better UI than your blog.

Publish Helpful Blog Post 

Have you read other blog's post? As you observe most of their latest blog post are not searched on search engine or in google,  it is because they are writing it for their regular readers and as a beginner you should create content that most people are looking for in the internet like topics that solves their problem like how to, what is and words that start with why.  Start with that. 

Build Followers

Since you are a beginner, you should start building followers for your blog but how?  And where? You could try creating Facebook Fan Page since it is the most used social networking site by billions of users around the world. Theres a lot of ways to gather facebook fan page followers, you can spend ads on facebook or join page like exchange group to quicken the gathering of followers and share your blog post in your fan page to gain audience for your blog. 

Learn More by Reading On Other Blogs

To become a popular blogger, you must possess knowledge like the experts have and reading post from other blog post that has the same niche like you have will help you transform into an expert blogger  with the passion to help. With the enough knowledge gathered from other blogs you can improve yourself to write content that people will slowly love your blog. 

Build Connection and Friends With Other Bloggers

To build more audience you need to find connections that is related to your niche by leaving nice comments on their blogs and finding group in social media sites and forum, by doing this you will build exposure on your blog telling your audience that you exist because there's a difference between doing something than doing nothing and doing nothing will not give you any results despite of the competition. 

Promote Your Blog

This is how you can be different with other bloggers, you must promote your every post including your latest post on social media and forums because even how good or precious or helpful your blog post will be if no one knows then no one will read it,  that is how promoting works,  if no one knows that your blog have value then you won't get followers to always check your blog. 

Write Consistent Blog Post

Whatever happens,  you must not stop helping other people,  because people love to read blogs that are up to date. Don't be contented to write for example 10 post only, 15 or 20 because it won't grow your readers it's just a simple math if for example you have 1 reader per 1 post a day and if you have 1000 post created with high value then you can grow your daily readers a minimum of 1000 readers a day and that is how consistency works so never stop writing if you want to expand your exposure organically.

Never Give Up

There are millions of bloggers around the world, the only thing you can be different is the discipline to go on and continue what you do,  if you love blogging then you have the greater chance to be different and that is how you become successful and continue to have a popular blog.