Do you want to have a professional blogspot blog? Blogspot is a free blogging platform where aspiring blogger can make their own blog for free and designing it to look professional will make your blog more interesting to revisit when they have something to check on your blog, but before I'll teach you how to make a professional blogspot blog, let me tell you something why you should stick to blogspot.

Why Blogspot is Still the Best?:

Blogspot is a Product of Google

Yes you read it right that blogspot is a product of google meaning because you use one of google's product,  it's easy to apply for Google Adsense which let's you make money on your blogspot blog, but before you can apply for google adsense, you will need to have 10-15 valuable blog post with more than 500 words in each blog post. 

Blogspot Has 100% Uptime

Because blogspot is own by google, you will not experience any downtime compare to other website's because most websites that are not blogspot blogs often experience downtime which let's them lose loyal readers, but with blogspot you can be sure that it will be online 24/7.

Blogspot is 100% Secure

Google is well known for high Security Service and you can make sure that no one can hack your blog because of their extra security features. 

Blogspot has Plenty of Tutorials

Because blogspot is free, there are tons of blogspot owners that are sharing tutorials and codes in the internet which will make your blog customization a lot more easier,  including in my blog,  I usually share something on my blog that teaches you how to manage your blogspot blog. If you are interested to learn new tips,  you can browse some post on this blog. 

How to Design a Professional Blogspot Blog:

By default blogspot blog doesn't look professional at first and to make it look cool,  you must change the template after it goes live. Here's a video how to change a blogspit template:

I am not the owner of this video, credits to the owner, I am just using this for demonstration purposes only:

How to Tell Blogspot Design is Professional?

To able to tell if the template of the blogspot blog is professional is when you see if it's clean, simple and mobile friendly because most blogspot blog are the opposite of what I mention earlier so if you want to stand out the crowd you should pick templates that are professional and mobile friendly templates. 

Where to Get Professional Blogger Templates? 

There are two types of blotspot templates:

Free Templates

Free templates are free source template which you do not need to pay to have it but it has a limited features and it has the sellers credit link below your blogspot blog.

List of Free Source Blogspot Templates Websites:
Paid templates are premium templates which let's you have a unique design and more professional look, optimize for SEO and no credit link of the seller.  Good for blogspot owner who a very serious with their brand. 

Source for Premium Paid Templates: