Do you have a design in mind for your blogger a.k.a blogspot blog? And you want to remove or hide the author name and date in your every post?

There are few reasons why you need to remove your author name and date. If your post is an evergreen post and for example your post is already 2 years ago,  then your readers might lose the interest reading your post because they want up to date information.

In removing author name on post, if the author of the blog is only you,  there is no need to show author name on your posts because it will just ruin the beauty of the simplicity of your blog design.

Hide Author Name and Date on Blogger

There are two ways to remove Author Name and Date because sometimes the first method won't work on some templates. 

Removing Author Name and Date in Layout Page

1. Go to your blogger dashboard.
2.Locate the Layout Page, then locate the main post in your layout page and click edit.


3.Remove the check in between the red box.


4.You're done!

Removing Author Name and Date in Advance CSS

This second method is a little bit tricky because the code that is being labeled depends on the template, this is not going to be very hard and you are only going to debug the code, this is not user friendly for non techie person and its very easy if you are familiar with CSS. but please bare with me because i am teaching you the basic debugging of code in your blogger blog.

1.Go to your blog post, for example select the author name.

2.Right Click, then choose inspect.(be sure you are using chrome browser so you can follow what i do.)


3. In the case of my sample theme, i found the author name code because it was easy for me to figure out because of the auth meaning author and post-detail since i am in the blog post. Then copy the code because you are going to paste it in your advance CSS.

4. Lets go back to our blogger dashboard, then go to your theme page and locate customize.

5. Click Advance and choose Add CSS and paste the code. Erase the code in between the { } and add the code visibility:hidden;

6. Click Apply to Blog and you're done!

As you can see i just gave you the example how to remove the author name but i didnt delete yet the date of the post it was publish, the trick to remove the date is just the same as removing the author. just select the date and do the same process and your done!