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Do you have a blogspot blog or in other words blogger? And you want to know how to get google adsense for your blog? I been working with other webmasters and coaching them how to do it. I already made 2 straight times a blog to have Google Adsense approval, I know its sounds few but the catch is those blogs never waited for 6 months to get Google Adsense approval, by my supervision and coaching those blog were only 3 weeks old blog and that's fast compare to other webmasters who waited for 6 months before they got Adsense approval, it's rare for blog to get fast approval and In this post i will share you what I been doing with those blogs before I apply for Google Adsense in only 3 weeks.

Before giving you the tips to get fast approval don't expect that you can already monetize your blog right away when you already have Adsense on your blog. Without enough traffic coming to your blog, you still won't make money please bare that in mind.

Step by Step Tips to Get Fast Google Adsense Approval:

Pick the Right Niche

Before its too late, let me remind you to pick only one type of niche. A blog niche is a specific topic to blog about, for example if your interest is in health niche,  you only blog related to health niche. By choosing your specific niche you are able to tell your readers what your blog is all about. The main goal here in my first tip is to not confuse your readers or they will find other blogs to follow that do not confuse them. 

Create Valuable Content

When you blog, pick a niche that can have value to your readers, the topics in your blog must solve problems and can help your readers make life easier. By doing this you won't run out of readers on your blog. 

Never Plagiarise 

In blogspot if you have read the content policy they strictly state that by using their platform, you agree that you won't copy content from other website or else it will be remove meaning there is no sense that google will approve your blog if your content are not originally made by you. 

Your Blog Must Have Enough Content

Since your blog is still new I strongly suggest that you write blog post everyday with more than 400 words per post that is exactly what I did in this blog since the start before my blog got approved. 

Use Free Stock Photos

Blogs are fun to read specially if every blog post you wrote has photos in it but still you can't just get photos everywhere on the internet because mostly photos has copyrights and it's illegal to steal property online that is not yours. To get free photos you can go to and to get beautiful images for your blog because they provide photos that won't hurt your blog legally. 

Build Backlinks

Building backlinks are very important if you want Google Adsense approval faster. Here's a short video explaining about backlinks for beginners. 

This video is not my own, this video is for demonstration only. Credits to the owner:

My ways to get backlinks in my first three weeks before I got Google Adsense approval:
  • Blog Commenting.
  • Answer questions on forums and share your blog post links.

You Must Have the Required Pages

This is how google knows you are serious with your blog because google loves to approve serious bloggers. A blog must consist of a Contact Page, About Us Page, Disclaimer Page,  and Private Policy Page. Before applying for Google Adsense, you must have these pages on your blog so you have the higher chance to get approve and less possibilities to get rejected. 

Your Blog Must Be Well Designed and Mobile Friendly 

It's already 2019 and most readers are now in mobile devices, google wants blogs that are mobile friendly so many people can see their ads even the users are in mobile and mostly blogspot templates don't look pretty good, if you are looking for a good design for your blogspot blogs,  you can see my list of free blogger templates.

Submit Your New Links on Search Console

This video is not my own. Credits to the owner. 

Aim To Get Pagerank 1/10

Before I'd apply to Google Adsense between my first 3 weeks old of my blog, what I did was I wrote 1 blog post everyday and build backlinks everyday. After 2 week I have increased my domain authority and page authority and gain a page rank of 1/10. Gaining page rank only shows that you are already gaining viewers and google love that and you have the higher chance of getting approval on your blog when you gain rank. You can check your page rank at

Apply for Google Adsense

Now that you have gain your first page rank,  it only mean that your blog is ready to have Google Adsense on your blog. I'm sure when you follow my tips you have 100% chance to get google adsense approval. Hope this had help you. Share this with your friends and good luck!