Interested to start a blog? Since everyone can access the internet with their own mobile devices today,  why not start a blog and make a side job. If you still don't know how to start a blog I got a step-by-step tutorial for you to build your own blog for free. Yes it's free! But before we proceed to blog creation tutorial,  let me give you an idea before you start blogging.

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Hobby or Business? 

What's the reason why you want to start a blog,  is it for fun? Or for business?  For beginners you can start for fun but if you ask me I think you should be thinking about doing it for business because I'm sure it will not waste your precious time. 

When Starting A Blog

Before you  start to make a blog,  you should plan first and ask yourself what is your blog for, what is your niche, how can you make it useful to the public,  what are your interest or the things you love to talk about and learn about,  can it be serve as a valuable information on the internet? Will it solve their problems? You should start thinking about it today if you want to make blogging into business, plan a content that people will engage with what you write because this will help you make better results.

The Struggles in Blogging

Making a profitable blog is time consuming, I am telling you this as early as possible because it takes time and it needs hardwork to make results because you need to learn more related to your niche so you can write more about your niche, because you cannot blog about on something you don't know. 

In your blogging journey, you will experience a lot of discouragements because blogging is tough and a long journey and it needs time before people will notice your blog before people will become your regular readers and before you can make your blog into business. In this blog I will be discussing more about Blogging so you won't be lost in your blogging journey. 

Video Tutorial To Start a FREE Blog

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Final Thoughts

Blogging is a tough side job but it's worth it to achieve passive income if you already have a stable readers on your blog,  you can make money with your blog after you publish it and if you want to learn more how to make money with your blog,  you can browse some of my blog post in this blog and it will surely help you a lot,  but before thinking of monetizing your blog,  you should prioritize first on how you  can make valuable content that will drive more readers to your blog, that people will love to read then that's the time you can put ads on your blog and make money.