change fonts

Don't you like the default font style in your blogger a.k.a blogspot template? Is it possible to customize the fonts? If you want to change the font style of your blogspot template then you are in the right place!  Let's not do further delay, let's begin.

Blogspot is a free platform to start a blog without spending your money but still it's not user friendly as you tihnk to make customization including the changing of the font style. The good news is I got you covered, here is my tutorial.

How to Change Fonts in Blogspot / Blogger? 

Google blogger is evolving,  there are new additional features added from time to time to customize a blogspot blog, but let's stick to the universal way, universal way is by change some codes in the core codes of the template which I am going to share in this post. Here a short video how to change font style in blogger. 

This video is not my own. Credits to the owner. This video is only use for demonstration only. 

What is Google Fonts

Google fonts is previously known as google web fonts,  it is a library of more than 900 licensed fonts that you can use in your blogspot blog to change the font style of your template.

How to Customize Your Template's Font Style

The idea for changing your blogspot font style is pretty simple, you just go to Google Fonts and choose a font style then get the embed code and paste it in between of your <head> and </head> tag of your template then change the font style in your css to execute the changes. The video above explain everything how to do it. 

Having a design in mind for your blog represent your style and personality and I understand your concern,  if you are having problem with the tutorial,  you can email my anytime. Thanks for having time reading my post and have a great day!